Методическая разработка "Daily Life" 3 класс

МОБУ гимназия №1
Методическая разработка учебного занятия по
английскому языку для 3 класса с применением
метода проектов по теме «Daily Life»
Разработала и провела: учитель английского языка
Симонова А.В.
Topic ”Daily Life”
Aim: to develop speaking and writing skills on the topic.
Objectives: by the end of the lesson the students will have
- practiced …
1. Greetings
Good morning to you!(слайд )
Good morning to you!
We’re all in our place
With sun-shining faces.
And this is the way
To start a new day.
2. T. Tell me, please What do you usually say when you meet people(слайд )
-In the morning
-In the afternoon
- In the evening
-When you meet your friend
-When you meet your teacher
-When you go to bed
- When you leave
(pupils give their answers)
3. T. Lets play (дети встают в круг) Think about one of your daily activities,
mime it. A person next to you guesses what you are doing now and then shows his
1. T. Today we are going to speak about daily life but first lets remember how
to tell the time(слайд)
What’s the time?
P1 It’s….
2. T. If you get up early you are An EARLY BIRD(слайд )
If you get up late- you are A SLEEPYHEAD
P1 I’m a…..
P2 I’m an…
3. T. Divide into two teams and write as many words as you can on the topic
Daily Life(детям раздаются цветные листочки, на которых они пишут слова и
выражения по теме ,которые затем приклеиваются на доску, зачитываются,
победитель та команда ,у которой больше слов)
4. T.Look at Pluto( приложение) He is an alien. Is he an early bird or a
P He is….
T. Now look at the pictures and answer the questions (слайд )
1. What time does Pluto get up?
2. How does he go to school?
3. What does he do at 9 o’clock?
4. When does he have lunch?
5. When does he play football?
6. Does he have dinner at 6 o’clock or at 7 o’clock?
7. What does he usually do after dinner?
5. Read what Pluto writes about his family, but don’t forget to fill in the blanks (см
приложение и презентацию) Детям предлагается в группах прочитать
рассказ предварительно открыв скобки , затем проверка вместе с учителем.
I …… (have) dinner at 6pm every day. Our robot …… (make) it. My
favorite food …… (be) moonburger and chips. My dad …… (work) at the
space-station. My mum …… (have) a job there too, but only part-time.
1.Work in groups . ( )
- Put the pictures in a logical order,
- match the pictures with the sentences ,
- draw the clock to each picture and make up a story
1. What Tom does every day
2. What he is doing now
2. At home write a letter to Pluto about your daily life (детям предлагается
заготовка письма) см. презентацию.