Методическая разработка урока "The Explosion" 8 класс

Методическая разработка урока английского языка
(домашнее чтение)
в 8 классе (для школ с углубленным изучением английского
Тема урока : The Explosion (from “The Citadel” by A.J. Cronin).
Урок разработала учитель английского языка высшей
квалификационной категории МБОУ "Средняя
общеобразовательная школа № 33 с углубленным изучением
английского языка" г. Нижнекамска Республики Татарстан
Аналитическая записка.
Урок домашнего чтения разработан для учащихся 8 классов школ с углубленным
изучением английского языка с целью развития навыков чтения, говорения и
приобщения к культуре изучаемого языка. Представленный сюжетный материал
дает возможность выйти на обсуждение проблемных вопросов, легко поддается
пересказу и доступен для понимания. Данный текст снабжен специально
разработанными упражнениями, которые позволяют учителю оценить
понимаемость текста, закрепить новые слова и выражения, обобщить знания по
грамматике с опорой на новые выражения, обсудить интересные моменты,
услышать точки зрения учеников. На уроке предполагаются разные виды работ с
учащимися (фронтальный, индивидуальный, групповой). Не исключается
возможность использования на уроке письменной речи. Важно отметить, что
использование мультимедийного оборудования сделает урок более интересным
и запоминающимся особенно на этапе усвоения новой лексики.
Образовательные - в области чтения: формирование умений читать с
извлечением полной информации, понять и осмыслить важные факты
художественного текста, соответствующего возрастным особенностям и
интересам учащихся; в области говорения формирование умений кратко
передать основную мысль прочитанного с опорой на текст, умение выразить
свое отношение к прочитанному с использованием новых слов и выражений.
Воспитательная - формирование интереса к литературе страны изучаемого
языка, воспитание ответственного отношения к своей деятельности.
Развивающая развитие навыков аналитического мышления
Ход урока
Good day! Before starting our lesson I’ d like to know : Who was A. J. Cronin and
what do you know about him.( Pupils reports)
1 Your home task was to read and translate the text *The Explosion* by A.J. Cronin.
And now be ready to answer my questions.
a. Who was Andrew Manson?
b. What troubled Andrew and made him turn for advice to Philip Denny?
c. What was the real cause of the spreading of the diseases in the town?
d. Andrew insisted that every drop of water should be boiled. Could it put an end
to the epidemic?
e. Why did Denny refuse to write a letter to the Ministry of Health?
f. Why did Andrew think that Denny had taken leave of his sences?
g. Why did Andrew regret that he had given the promise to go with Denny?
Illustrate your answer by the text.
h. What do you think made Andrew go with Denny in the end?
i. What did they both risk in case they were discovered?
j. What was the result of their “experiment”?
2 Find in the text English equivalents for the following words and expressions:
Шахтерский городок, очень обеспокоен, неоднократно сообщал, бесполезно,
с этого момента, трудился с удовольствием, в самом начале карьеры, без устали,
пустая трата времени, взорвать, не сошел ли он с ума, греха не оберешься, рано
или поздно, по непонятной причине, ржавая железная крышка, собаке пришло в
голову, побежали как сумасшедшие, едва они успели добежать, распахнулись,
под покровом ночи, в толпе, не пришло в голову.
3 Give English equivalents for the following words and expressions from the text
and use them in the sentences of your own: ((all the words and expressions are given
on the screen)
To be at a loss, to turn to smb for advice (help), it’s…..that is to blame, shrug one’s
shoulders, to have an opportunity to do smth, regret smth, get smb into trouble, to be
seized with horror, to be\fell nervous (frightened, uncomfortable ), suspect smb, to
cut smb\smth short.
4 Grammar Tasks
a Look through the text and find the sentences with the Subjunctive Mood after the
verb “wish”. Analyse the usage of tenses.
b Change the sentences using the verb “wish”
1) Andrew regretted that he had agreed to help Denny.
2) “It’s impossible to stop the epidemic”, Andrew thought.
3) It’s a pity the Health Officer didn’t respond to their information.
4) Andrew regretted that he didn’t have enough time to work.
5) Andrew was sorry that Denny had suggested such a plan.
6) When the Health Officer approached Andrew, the young man regretted
everything he had done.
c Practice the following models:
1) It will never entered my mind….
2) You’ll get into trouble if…..
3) From now on…..
4) I count myself fortunate to….
5) We were at a loss….
d) Put questions to the underlined words :
1) Andrew was seized with horror at the thought of his career suddenly cut shot.
2) In the pocket of his overcoat Denny had six sticks of dynamite.
3) A party of men set out with lanterns to explore.
4) Before eight o’clock the Health Officer arrived upon the scene by car.
5 Discuss the following: (dialogues or even polilogues can be used here)
1) Denny and Andrew risked their careers. What do you think make them run such
a great risk? Can you call them real doctors?
2) Who was responsible for the situation in the town? What can you say about the
role of the Health Officer in the described events? Compare his behavior with
the behavior of the yang doctors.
3) Compare the characters of Denny and Andrew. What did they have in common?
What did they differ in? Who to your mind was a stronger personality? Give
your grounds
6 Home task: to retell the story on the part of 1) Denny, 2) Andrew, 3)the Health
From “The Citadel»” by A.J.Cronin
Andrew Manson, a young inexperienced doctor, has come to work in a small miners’
town in Wales. His very f case proves to be typhoid. Andrew is terribly anxious,
especially when the disease begins to spread. He is at a loss what to do and turns for
advise to Philip Denny, a doctor who has been living in the ton for some time.
Andrew gazed at Denny, burning to ask a dozen questions.
“You’ve got cases too?” he asked anxiously.
“Four! All in the same area as yours,” Denny paused.”One day, very soon, we’re going
to have an outbreak of an epidemic. It’s the main sewer that’s to blame. It leaks like
the devil, and poisons half the wells of the town. I’ve hammered at the Health Officer
about it till I’m tired.” His tone was cold and bitter.
“It’s shame!” Andrew burst out.”I wish he were here and knew what we know.”
Denny shrugged his shoulders,” It’s no use.”
There was a silence. Andrew got up from his seat at the table and moved towards the
“I’m much obliged for the information. From now on every drop of water in the area is
going to be boiled.”
“It’s the Health Office who ought to be boiled,” muttered Denny
During the weeks that followed Andrew slaved joyfully. He loves his work and
counted himself fortunate to have such an opportunity so early in his career. He
worked tirelessly with all the fire of his passionate nature. He only wished he could do
Then, unexpectedly, Denny rang him up. “Manson! Can you come to my place at three
o’clock? It’s important.”
Denny received him in silence with a gloomy eye and a darkened forehead. “One of
my patients died this morning. I have two new cases of typhoid.” He spoke quietly,
with a still, cold rage.
“We must write to the Ministry of Health,” said Andrew.
“We could write a dozen letters,” Denny said bitterly. “It’s a waste of time No! I’ve
thought it all out. There’s only one way to make them build a new sewer.”
“How?” asked Andrew eagerly.
“Blow up the old one!”
For a second Andrew wondered if Denny had taken leave of his senses. He started at
him in terrified astonishment, then he muttered, “There’ll be no end of trouble-if it’s
found out.”
Denny glanced up a him, “You needn’t come in with me, if you don’t want to.”
“Oh, I’m coming in with you,” Andrew answered slowly. Immediately he wished he
had not said those words.
All that afternoon Andrew went about his work regretting the promise he had given.
He was a madman, this Denny, who would, sooner or later, get him into serious
trouble. It was a terrible thing that he now proposed. If discovered, they might get
struck off the Medical Register. Andrew was seized with horror at the thought of his
beautiful career suddenly cut short, ruined. He cursed Denny violently, swore a dozen
times that he would not go.
Yet, for some strange reason, he would not, could not draw back.
At eleven o’clock that night Denny and he started out in company with Hawkins,
Denny’s dog, for the main manhole of the sewer.
The two men and he dog moved along the deserted street. In the pocket of his overcoat
Denny had six sticks of dynamite. Andrew carried six empty tins, each with a hole in
the lid, an electric torch, and a length of fuse.
Immediately they reached the manhole they set to work, raising the rusty iron cover
which had not been disturbed for years.
They slipped a stick of dynamite in each tin, cutting fuses and attaching them. One by
one the tins were dropped into he ill-smelling depths. In the light of a match Andrew
saw Denny’s pale hard face, his own shaking hands.
As the last tin went in with its short fuse burning, the dog took it into its head to hunt a
rat. They chased the dog and captured it, expecting an explosion beneath their feet.
Then swiftly the cover was flung back, and they raced madly up the street.
They had scarcely reached the corner when bang! The first tin exploded.
“By God! We’ve done it!” exclaimed Andrew.
Then swiftly the explosions followed: two, three, four, five, and the last.
Doors and windows were flung open, people ran out of their houses. In a minute the
street was crowded. A party of men set out with lanterns to explore. Under cover of the
darkness and the noise Denny and Manson slipped away.
Before eight o’clock next morning the Health Officer arrived upon the scene by car,
nervous and frightened.
Wiping his forehead he approached Denny who, with Manson, stood amongst he
crowd. For a moment Andrew felt uncomfortable.
But It did not enter the Officer’s mind to suspect anybody.
“It’s a mystery to me how it all happened. We’ll have to get that new sewer for you
straight off now,” was all he said.
NOTES: sewer-канализационная труба;
to be struck off the Medical Register-to have no further right to practice as a doctor