Презентация "Применение метода игрового проектирования и кейс-технологии активного обучения" 5 класс

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НОВИЦКАЯ ИРИНА ВЛАДИМИРОВНА НОВИЦКАЯ ИРИНА ВЛАДИМИРОВНА Учитель английского языка НОУ ″Ногинская гимназия″, г. Ногинск 2012г. ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ МЕТОДА ИГРОВОГО ПРОЕКТИРОВАНИЯ И КЕЙС-ТЕХНОЛОГИИ АКТИВНОГО ОБУЧЕНИЯ НА УРОКЕ АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА В 5 КЛАССЕ AN UNUSUAL HOUSE FOR MR X… SITUATION NEW HOUSE – NEW LIFE Mr. X is a famous person, who wants to make life more exciting and is thinking about moving to a new house. Mr. X has to decide on the project of the new house and he has connected three agencies to help him with this. Mr. X will probably offer a contract to the agency which
  • Makes the best presentation
  • Has the most creative ideas
  • Takes into account all of his wishes
Mr. X is a fussy client
  • He doesn’t want neighbours or people near his house
  • He doesn’t want a traditional house
  • He wants to have 20 different rooms in his house
  • He wants a nice garden with beautiful trees and a swimming pool and a great view of the sea/the jungle/the waterfall/the desert
  • He wants a house that is friendly to the environment and earthquake-proof
  • He wants to have all the modern domestic appliances in his house
Four points to cover in your presentation
  • Location of the house
  • House plan with outdoor spaces - garden and swimming pool - EXTERIOR
  • Floor plans for the house
  • Special features of the house – what makes it unusual
LOCATION A BEACH HOUSE EXTERIOR FLOOR PLANS Useful vocabulary The beginning of your presentation:
  • I’d like to introduce my colleagues, on my left, and next to him, .
  • Our purpose today is to present some ideas for your new .
  • I’m going to talk to you about ….
  • This is how I’d like to organize my talk….
  • Our presentation is divided into two/three parts.
  • If you have any questions, we’ll be pleased to answer them at the end of our presentations.
Finishing your presentation
  • Now, let me summarize our main points.
  • Thank you very much for your attention.
  • Are there any questions?
  • Moving on now to the next point
  • This brings me to my next point
  • Please look at the screen. As you see, there is/are .
  • That’s all I have to say. Now my colleague will talk about …
Task: presentation of a house

Prepare your presentation

Each person in your group presents one part of the presentation

Use the following structure for the presentation

Make notes