Презентация "We are saving Mowgli! Мы спасаем Маугли" 3 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
We are saving Mowgli! What can they tell us about? Who can save Mowgli? Listen and circle the right animal. These animals can help us to save Mowgli! How can they help?

Can climb trees


eat all the leaves

Can swim, jump


hop very high

How can they help?

Is very strong



Can swim fast

How can they help?

Wants to take the monkeys

to the north

Can jump and run fast

How can they help?

Is very big and strong


can eat bananas

Is small but very quick,

has long ears

can hear

what the monkeys tell Mowgli

How can they help?

Is big, strong and dangerous,

is the king of the jungle

Is big and heavy,

has a very long nose

can catch the monkeys

on the palm tree

How can they help? Baloo and Bagheera are very worried! A footless yellow earthworm … Who is it?


I’m definitely going to help you!!!