Конспект урока "A letter of application" 11 класс

Урок в 11 классе УМК “New Millennium English”
Lesson 3 A letter of application
To practice reading for gist a job advertisement and a letter of application.
To provide a model for writing a formal letter of application.
To analyze the characteristic features of a successful letter of application.
To practice using time expressions and tenses within the context of a
To practice writing a letter of application.
1 Warm- up
Ex1, p.44 (discuss in pairs)
2 Reading
Ex.2a, p.44 Read the following job advertisement. Would you like to take
the job? Why? Why not? (P1, P2, P3…)
Ex.2b. Read the following letter of application and say if the applicant meets
the requirements of the advertisement.
Ex.2c. Complete the captions for the layout and organization of a letter of
Ex.2d. Point out five important features of a good letter of application
a. Students analyse it in pairs from the point of view of its layout,
organization, content, register and overall tone;
b. Rounding off the discussion by reading the recommendations
3 Language work
Ex.3a. Find time expressions in the letter and write them out.
Ex.3b. Fill in the gaps with the words from your list.
4 Homework: writing a formal letter of application.