Проект "The London Zoo (Зоопарк Лондона)" 6 класс

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English lesson in grade 6-topic,,The London Zoo” student of class 6 Yulia Ilchenko. Teacher: Boychenko Svetlana Viktorovna. My Dream (by Gillian Brown) I love all kinds of animals Dogs and cats and rabbits. I love all kinds of animals, Despite their little habits. If I had tons of money, D’you know what I would do? I would buy lots of animals And have my own zoo. But they wouldn’t be in cages, They would be free to run around. And there’s one thing they would feel And that is save and sound. a croсodile a croсodile a monkey a monkey a kangaroo an elephant an elephant a tiger a tiger a panda a panda London Zoo
  • A zoo is a place where various animals, reptiles, mammals, insects and birds are kept. Sometimes you can see rare species of animals there. Usually zoos don’t contain domestic or farm animals, but sometimes there are children’s areas with such creatures, as donkeys, mini-horses, sheep, geese, pigs, rabbits and even pheasants. These are secluded areas where children can pet and feed animals. A visit to the zoo can be both entertaining and educational. There we can learn new facts about animals’ lives. Due to quick urbanization and deforestation many species cannot live in their natural habitat anymore. That’s why zoos and reservations exist. Opinions on advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in the zoos differ. Some people think that zoo is a perfect place for animals, as they are always fed, well-treated and live in good conditions there. Besides, people are happy to have a chance to see wild, beautiful and exotic animals in live, to learn more about their behavior and lifestyle. From the other hand, animals have to live as close to their natural habitat as possible, for example, near forests, rivers, savannahs, jungles, safari, etc. in this respect, open zoos or wildlife reserves are much better. They usually occupy vast expanses of land and let the animals move around instead of sitting in a cage. These areas are protected and supervised by the government. Thus, animal preservation, as well as pros and cons of the zoo are a frequent topic of discussion.