Контроль чтения по английскому языку 6 класс 2 четверть

Контроль чтения 6 класс.
Reading test. ( 2 четверть)
The house.
Lucy’s house is quite big. It has got a lot of rooms: some of rooms are large, and some
are small. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Downstairs there is a
large living-room, a dining-room and a kitchen. There’s a big old garden round the
house. They’ve got a small balcony at the front of the house.
Lucy has got a small room. It’s upstairs. There is one window in her room. She’s got a
bed , a desk, two chairs, some bookshelves and a wardrobe in her room. She has got a
computer. It is on a small table. There are a lot of books on her shelves.
She likes watching TV. It is in the corner of the living room. There are a lot of pictures
on the walls in the living-room.
Lucy often helps her mum. She can lay the table in the dining- room. On Sunday she
likes makes delicious cakes in the kitchen.
Bob’s room is next to Lucy’s room. It is bigger than Lucy’s. But it seems smaller. Why?
Because he’s got a lot of different things in his room. He has got a skateboard, weights,
roller-skates, tennis rackets, two footballers. Where are his trainers? They are on the
floor. Where are his tennis rackets ? They are under his bed. Bob never puts his things in
their places.
downstairs- внизу
it seems-она кажется
I. True or False.
1. Lucy’s house is large.______
2. There are five rooms upstairs.____
3. There are three rooms downstairs.____
4. Lucy’s room is not very small.___
5. There is one window in her room.___
6. There isn’t a computer in her room.____
7. Bob’s room is as small as Lucy’s room.___
8. Lucy and Bob often help their mother.___
9. Bob’s things are not in their places.______
10. Bob’s room is upstairs.______
II. Answer the questions.
1. Are there a lot of rooms in Lucy’s house?
2. Where is the TV ?
3. How does Lucy help her mum?