Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс (с ответами)

Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс.
1. I ------------ a doctor.
10. I love -------------- chocolate.
a. am b. are a. eat b. to eating
c. is d. does c. ate d. eating
2. --------- two pictures.
11. What do you want·····?
a. there is b. it is a. to do b. do
c. there are d. it are c. doing d. go
3. I've got a headache so -------- 12. I didn’t hear. I ----------
a. am singing b. sang
a. I rested b. I rest c. was singing d. were singing
c. I resting d. I'm resting
13. London is ---------- than Rome
4. I--------- my teeth every day.
a. as expensive b. more expensive
a. am brushing b. brush c. expensive d. most expensive
c. will brush d. to brush
5. Would you like -------- coffee? 14. If you have time ------------ for a walk.
a. we going b. we go
a. some b. an c. well go d. we went
b. any……….d. the
6. She -------- big eyes. 15. I ------------- when the lights went out.
a. was working b. am working
a. has b. got c. worked d. work
c. is d. are
7. I love China. I ------ twice. 16. ---------- some sugar please?
a. give me b. can I lend
a. went b. have gone c. can I borrow d. sorry
c. have been d. was
8. Im busy. I ------- my brother at 5 pm. 17. Sorry Im late. How long -------- waiting
a. did you b. have you been
a. met b. meet c. are you d. have you
c. am meeting d. was meeting
9. I ------- to Tokyo on holiday.
18. I ---------- smoke years ago.
a. will b. am going a. used to b. use to
c. was d. go c. was d. did
19. Everest ------------ first in 1953. 23. There s no harm ----- .
a. was climbed b. is climbed a. to try b. in trying
c. climbed d. someone climbed c. with trying d. trying
20. Can you ---------- me my bag please?
24. Ill go now ---------?
a. take b. reach
c.. bring d. find a. shall I b. will I
c. shant I d. wont I
21. ------------ is this pen?
a. whom b. whos
b. whose d. who 25. I gave up pottery lessons.
I didn’t ----------
22 If it hadn’t rained we -------- out. a. take it on b. take it up
b. take to it d. take it away
a. would go b. will go.
b. would have gone c. will have gone
1. am
2. There are
3. I' m resting
4. brush
5. some
6. has
7. have been
8. am meeting
9. am going
10. eating
11. to do
12. sang
13. more expensive
14. we'll go
15. was working
16. Can I borrow
17. have you been
18. used to
19. was climbed
20. bring
21. whose
22. would have gone
23. to try
24. shan’t I
25. take to it