Тест "Global Issues" 8 класс

Test 5 «Global Issues” 8th Form
1. Choose the correct answer.
1. Lots of cars in the streets produce toxic---which pollute the environment.
A fumes B fog C flames
2. After the earthquake almost all the town lay --- ruins.
A on B in C by
3. Because of ---rains the lower part of the city was flooded.
A huge B massive C heavy
4. The prime minister couldn’t arrive on time and the press conference was called--- .
A out B off C for
5. Before the flight the plane --- give the passengers all the essential information.
A. team B crew C staff
2. Underline the correct item.
6. He avoids to travel/travelling by plane because of his phobia.
7. Helen will never forget dancing/to dance with Tom Hanks at the party.
8. Let’s spend our weekend to shop/shopping downtown.
9. Mark has decided to become/becoming a lawyer as his father.
10. If you want to be successful you should use/to use your imagination.
11. Julia is looking forward to getting/to get a mail from her boyfriend.
12. Looking at Tom’s funny face I couldn’t help laughing/to laugh.
13. Dad, really I promise to look/looking after my younger sister.
14. What you can do/to do is just not to mind your business.
15. Don’t let him to eat/eat ice cream or he will get a sore throat.
3. Complete the sentences with the words derived from the words in bold.
16. The --- of a very important letter was a shock for the ambassador.
17. You can’t deny the ---of illegal workers at your factory, they were
caught on the camera.
18. What are your --- in food?
19. Thanks to the generous --- new houses were built in the area that
suffered from the hurricane.
20. We were given a task to make a project about the --- of the environment.
4. Match the words to make up word combinations. Translate them.
pull sb
5. Read definitions of natural disasters and name them.
1. a shaking of the ground
2. a large mass of snow falling down the side of a mountain
3. an extremely violent wind or storm
4. large amount of water that covers an area, which is usually, dry
5. a huge wave caused by an earthquake which flows onto land
6. a period of time with no rain