Тест "Much, many, little, few" 4 класс

4 grade
Much, many, little, few.
1. Translate into English:
много воды
много моркови
мало картошки
2. Put much or many
There were ___ plates on the table.
Why did you eat so ____ ice-cream?
Kate put ___ butter into this cake.
3. Put little or few
There is ___ ink in my pen.
There are ___ bears in the zoo.
There is too ___soup in my plate.
4. Put much, many, little or few
The pupils of our class ask___ questions at the lesson.
They want to know everything.
You make___ mistakes in your test. Do you work hard?
5. Translate into English:
много молока
много лука
мало сахара
6. Put much or many
Please don’t put ______ pepper on the meat.
I never eat _____ bread with soup.
She wrote us_______ letters from the country.
7. Put little or few
I have _____time so I can’t go with you.
Не has _____ English books.
Tom was the son of poor parents and had very ____ clothes.
8. Put much, many, little or few
My brother is a young teacher.
Every day he spends ____ time preparing for his lessons.
I know very____ about this writer. It is the first book I am reading.