Конспект урока "The City of Clever Persons and Frauds" 10 класс

The City of Clever Persons and Frauds.
повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка;
воспитание любви и уважения к странам изучаемого языка;
знакомство учащихся с интересными и малоизвестными фактами по
культуре страны изучаемого языка;
развитие социо-культурной компетенции;
развитие творческого потенциала, ловкости, сноровки;
расширение кругозора учащихся.
развивать умение воспринимать информацию на слух;
совершенствовать навыки говорения;
развивать умение выбирать рациональные способы работы, умение
работать коллективно;
развивать речь, мышление, сенсорную, эмоционально-волевую
Оборудование к уроку:
CD проигрыватель;
раздаточный материал (ответные листы).
Учащиеся предварительно были разделены на две команды. Каждая команда
сидитза одним столом, где заранее приготовлен лист для отгадывания и
ручка. Класс оформлен плакатами и картинками
Вступительное слово учителя
You are going to visit the city of frauds and cleverers. You should be devided into
two groups. The winners will be the city of clever people. And the losers will be
the city of frauds. All of us will try to be skilful, intelligent and attentive like
Sherlock Holmes. For that reason you should do your best in the following tasks.
Ход мероприятия.
I. Define whether these phases are true or false.
The phrases for the first group.
a. If a bee stings it will die.
b. Mice, growing up, become rats.
c. If you boil hard-boiled eggs more time, they will become soft-boiled eggs
and overcooked.
d. Tortoises hatch out from egg
e. A sun-watch has no hands.
f. We can’t liquidate the fire with boiling water.
g. If a swallow flies low, it means that it will rain soon.
h. The Polar Star points out to the south.
i. You can challenge an ambulance dialing the number 01.
j. Some beasts eat poisonous plants in order to be cured.
The phrases for the second group.
a. Pushkin was fond of photography in his childhood.
b. A man is taller in the morning than in the evening.
c. If you dial your own number on the telephone, you can speak to yourself.
The normal temperature for the man’s body is 38 degrees.
d. There is no water at all in the moon seas
e. A horseshoe is presented for happiness.
f. From 3 pedals in the automobile, the pedal of brake is always on the
g. If you don’t pull the ears of one whose birthday it is, he or she will not
grow up.
h. It is easier to swim in the sea than in the river.
i. The South Pole (Antarctic) is colder than the North Pole (Arctic).
II. Now you will get cards. These cards were sent by a famous detective
Sherlock Holmes. You should guess whether this information is true or
false. You should present this event and explain your aswer.
The Story for the First Group.
One man was accused in a theft that had happened at 3 a.m. (at
night). He declared that he couldn’t have committed the crime
as he had been at home all night. He went to bed at 9 o’clock in
the evening, and he wound up a clock at 10 o’clock in the
morning. And he had been sleeping without interruption till the
bell woke him up.
Did that man tell the truth?
(It can’t be the truth. The alarm clock must have rung at 10
o’clock in the evening, but not in the morning).
The Story for the Second Group.
One man came to the director of the museum and proposed to
buy a precious picture that had an inscription on the opposite
“This picture has been painted today, …month, … year (the
date was unclear). The work has been finished three years
before the invasion of Napoleon (the sign of the author).
The director doubted about the authenticity of that picture.
What do you think about it?
(The author of the picture couldn’t know the date of Napoleon’s
invasion invasion three years before this event).
III. Now I’ll read you riddles. You should guess them.
1) I have a watch. At first the watch worked well. But now the watch
began to show the right time only two times a day in spite of that its
face and hands are on their right place.
What’s happened with my watch? (It has stopped)
2) One Sage (мудрец) said : “When you bite an apple, it is more
pleasant to see the whole worm (целого червяка) than …. …. .
Accomplish this expression! (than its half).
3) Imagine a saucepan ( кастрюлю) and imagine that this saucepan is the
largest in the world and it can hold (вместить) everything tables,
houses, trams, cities, and even the Earth and Planets. But there is one
object which this saucepan can never hold.
What is this thing? (Its cover).
4) I saw one girl was tearing off the petals from the flower. I saw how
the old man was pulling out hair-springs from his beard. When I asked
them why they did so, they gave me the same answer.
What did they answer? (They guess their wishes).
IV. Translate the English proverbs.
Proverbs for the First Group.
It is no use crying over spilt milk.
It is raining cats and dogs.
Easily earned money is quickly spent.
Better untaught than badly taught.
An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.
Proverbs for the Second Group
To kill two birds with one stone.
Prevention is better than cure.
Live and learn.
A good name is better than riches.
Make hay while the sun shines.
V. Now let’s remember the most famous frauds from the fairy-tales. I’ll
describe the fraud, and you should guess who she or he is. If you
guess at once, you’ll get 3 points. If you guess after the second
prompt you’ll get two points, and if after the third prompt one
point. Now listen to the riddles.
A)This base fraud pretended to be a good granny in order to have a good
B) It was difficult to recognize him in a cap, spectacles and under the blanket.
C) But all the same, the girl wondered why her granny had so big teeth.
The Wolf from the fairy-tale
“The Little Riding Hood”
A) A good girl had to tell lies to get away and become free.
B) A character, who didn’t let her away, delivered her home without knowing
C) This character thought he was carrying pastries, and he was hurt by dogs.
The Bear from the fairy-tale “Masha and Bear”
A) These deceptive tradesmen declared that their goods were magic.
B) Even the king believed them
C) But if the king hadn’t believed them, he wouldn’t have appeared in the most
ridiculous look in front of people.
Tradesmen of invisible cloth from the fairy-tale of Andersen “The Bare King”
A) This fraud knew many methods in achieving her aims and one of them was
B) The foolish bird believed her.
C) It was offensive to lose one’s cheese.
The fox from the fable of Krilov
“Crow and Fox”
A) Those crafty women deceived the king having told him such things that
were difficult to imagine.
B) That’s why he saw his son for the first time in many years.
C) These women caulked the mother and her son into the barrel and let them
swim about the sea-ocean.
Weaver with Cook and with an old Maid Babariha from “The Fairy-tale about
the King Sultane” by Pushkin
A) That fibber helped his master greatly having contrived him a new name.
B)Having found a wonderful castle and expensive clothes for his master, he
turned him into a worthy bridegroom for the princess.
C)But it was very surprised for people that he wore the boots.
“The Cat in the Boots” from the fairy-tale by Perro
A) In order to turn her life into a fairy-tale that fibber declared that the unusual
thing made of crystal belonged to her.
B) That thing couldn’t belong to her because it didn’t suit her and it wasn’t her
C) That crystal thing was lost by its hostess when she was running home.
The daughter of the stepmother from the fairy-tale “Cinderella”
A) That cunning fibber could change his voice.
B) The children didn’t believe at once that their mother came.
C) From seven kids only one remained safe, and he told its mother everything
about that incident.
Wolf from the fairy-tale “Wolf and Seven Kids”
A) That fibber pretended to be deaf.
B) The foolish round-faced sang her songs.
C) When he sat on her tongue, she could easily swallow him.
The Fox from the fairy-tail “Kolobok”
A) Two sisters wished their third sister only good and therefore they put the
clock an hour back.
B)They didn’t know that their sister wasn’t afraid of monstrous.
c)But if she had asked her father to buy her new dresses, she wouldn’t have
found her prince.
The elder sisters from the fairy-tale of Aksakov “ Skarlet Flower”
A)That tiny liar adopted the whole invention.
B) But he knew nothing and he wasn’t clever enough, so ridiculous stories were
often happened to him.
C) Afterwards everybody knew that he hadn’t invented the air balloon.
A) That mischievous lady left an old man without dinner, and her friend
without a tale.
B) She skillfully pretended to be death.
C) But she didn’t catch fish by means of her tail.
The Fox from the fairy-tale “Wolf and Fox”
VI. We all like poems and fairy-tales. Let’s visit the world of poetry
where we get opportunity to recite the beautiful poem.
(The poems are given to the members of the teams).
Six Serving Men.
I keep six honest serving men
They taught me all I knew
Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and
I send them over land and sea
I send them East and West
But after they have worked for me
I give them all a rest.
Two little ears and one little nose,
Two bright eyes and fifty whys,
Nice brown hair with two little bows
That’s a picture of my sister Rose.
Little Mary has a pig
Not very little and not very big,
Not very pink and not very green,
Not very dirty and not very clean.
Not very good , not very naughty,
Not very humble, noy x\very haughty,
Not very thin, not very fat,
Now what would you give for a pig like that?
Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day.
Little Roo wants to play
On a sunny, lovely day.
In winter it’s snowy, slippery, foggy
In summer it’s sunny and fine
In autumn it’s cloudy, windy and rainy
In spring you may jump up to the sky.
In a cottage in a wood
A little old man at the window stood,
Saw a rabbit hopping slow
Tapping at the door.
‘Help me, help me, help me’, he said,
‘Or the Hunter will shoot me dead!’.
‘Come, little rabbit, stay with me,
Happy you will be’.
Every morning at eight o’clock
Every morning at eight o’clock
You can hear the postman knock
Up jumps Mary to open the door,
One letter, two letters, three letters, four.
I like flowers that are bright,
I like flowers that are white,
I like flowers with a nice smell,
That blossom in gardens so well.
Country and City
Some people live in the city
Where the houses are very tall.
Some people live in the country
Where the houses are very small.
But in the country the gardens are very big,
And in the cities there are no gardens at all.
Where would you rather live?
The North wind does blow
And we have much snow, and what do the children do then?
When lessons are done.
They skip, jump and run
Until they are warm!
The more we are together
Together, together,
The more we are together
The happier we are!
For my friend is your friend,
And your friend is my friend,
The more we are together,
The happier we are!
The more we dance together,
Together, together,
The more we dance together,
The merrier we are!
For her friend is his friend,
And his friend is her friend.
The more we dance together, the merrier we are!
One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let iy go again,
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so!
What finger did it bite?
The little finger on the right.
A Different Language
I met a little girl
Who came from another land.
I couldn’t speak her language,
But I took her by her hand.
We danced together,
Had such fun!
Dancing is a language,
You can speak with anyone.
What are Little Boys Made of?
What are Little Boys Made of?
What are Little Boys Made of?
Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails,
And that’s what little boys are made of!
What are Little Girls Made of?
What are Little Girls Made of?
Sugar and spice and all things nice,
And that’s what little girls are made of!