Тест "Conditionals" 9 класс

Test “Conditionals”
Form 9.
Task 1.
Choose the correct form of the verbs.
1. If we could reserve international conflicts by peaceful means, there would
be/ would have been no cruel wars.
2. Would you come/would you have come, if we had a school meeting on
whether we should have lunches at school or not?
3. If you told/ had told me about a lot of violence in that cartoon, I wouldn’t
have taken my little sister with me.
4. If there were/ had been no cultural variety in the world, it would be boring to
5. If we knew/ had known there would be only Indian food at the party, we
wouldn’t have come.
Task 2.
Write the verbs in the appropriate forms of Conditionals.
1. If people could prevent all wars, it _________ safer to live in the world. (be)
2. If all weapons disappeared, peaceful citizens _____________. (not die)
3. If I ___________ in school competition, I would take the first prize.
4. If the government didn’t interfered with science, it __________ faster.
5. If all the people did more to protect our environment, some ecological
problems ____________ solved. (be)
6. If I had known you needed my advice, I _______________ at once. (come)
7. If I __________ you at the cinema, I would have come up to say Hello. (see)
8. If you __________ to your English teacher attentively, you would have done
the test correctly. (listen)