Презентация "In harmony with family" 11 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
In harmony with family Mikhaleva E. F. Family
  • You may choose your friends; your family is thrust upon you.
  • Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
  • His hat covers his family
  • First thrive and then wife.
  • There's a black sheep in every family.
What is family for you?
  • They are people I can trust and rely on, people who won’t let me down and who share my joys and sorrows. 
  • My parents treat me with respect
What is family for you?
  • As for me I learn how to treat other people and how to form relationship with my peers.
  •   My parents treat me with loving care and I, in my turn, love, respect and obey my parents.
  • An appeal for help
  • To appeal to sb for
  • Make an appeal to sb
  • To be independent of sth
  • Involve sb in sth
  • An option of doing sth
  • Relationships with (between) sb ,sth
Rely Rely on sb Deal
  • Make a big deal of sth
  • Marry
  • Get marry
  • Divorce
  • Treat sb/sth with sth
  • Treatment for a disease
Fill in
  • Try to treat your family … respect.
  • We can rely …our family.
  • He was involved … charity.
  • Boys are independent … solving problems.
  • She never appeals … us … help.