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My Dream Holidays

Holidays will come soon. And I want to tell you about my dream holidays. I would like to visit Antarctica.

I was always interested in this mainland when we studied Geography. And I also want to learn more about it!

So, a route to Antarctica is a long organized tour. There is no for example one direction from Russia to this mainland by plane or ship.

That’s why you should make some connections in other countries.

It’s a plus because you can visit different countries and mainlands except Antarctica.

In Antarctica I would like to see beautiful landscapes.

There are ice streams, icebergs

and snowy mountains almost everywhere.

Climate is very very cold but dry there and you must wear very worm clothes.

In spite of so frosty weather there is greenery on some territory.

You can see for example moss and lichen.

Also there are many animals.

Such us penguins, seals and albatrosses.

They are very fluffy and amusing. Some of them don’t afraid people. And I would like to see them.

Besides I want to visit Russian scientific stations for example Vostok or Bellingshausen and to see what they explore.

A day and a night are in a half of the year because it is located in South pole.

Antarctica is very fascinating for me. And I hope that some day I surely will visit it.

Thank you for attention!