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The Belgorod city

  • General information about the city of Belgorod - a city in Russia , the administrative center of Belgorod Oblast . Situated on the southern outskirts of the Central Russian Upland , mainly on the right bank of the Seversky Donets River (right tributary of the Don ) , in 697 km south of Moscow , 40 km from the border with Ukraine. Population modern Belgorod multinational , currently in the city is home to 100 nationalities . The population is 358,300 people. In 1980, the city of Belgrade was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War I degree for the courage and perseverance shown by workers of the city during World War II and for achievements in the economic and cultural development .
  • Due to its geographical location, Belgrade boasts the beauty of its surroundings, without a shadow of embarrassment. Seversky Donets River, on the right bank of which stands Belgorod, stores memories of those distant times, when this place in the 16th century BC were erected fortifications and Nicholas Monastery (now Holy Trinity). Unfortunately for the Belgorod, today these monuments of architecture are very poorly preserved.
  • Belgrade is famous for its religious complexes. Many of which still survive today in excellent condition. Among them, some part of the Dormition Nicholas Cathedral, Church of the Intercession in particular, Transfiguration Cathedral, a Catholic Polish-Lithuanian church. No exaggeration to say that Belgrade is one of the many cities built in the tradition of believing Russia.
Diorama "Battle of Kursk
  • Museums Belgorod - Diorama "Battle of Kursk, Belgorod direction" Belgorod State historical - museum, Belgorod State Art Museum.
Belgrade - it is also a city of military glory. The city has many monuments dedicated to various wars. Russia is also famous for a large number of prominent people, some of them are monuments in Belgorod. Monuments dedicated to various wars and outstanding personalities of the history of Russia Monument to the Army General IR Apanasenko Monument - General Major MP Swan Memorial "Eternal Flame" Alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia - Belgorod Monument to St. Prince Vladimir Ravnoapostalnomu Smolensky Cathedral One of the oldest temples extant. It was built on the site of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Smolensk, which took place in 1703 on the southern wall of the city gates. In 1705, the site was given a wooden church, which later burned down, and in 1727 laid the stone. After the revolution of 1917, the cathedral fell on hard times. The temple was looted and closed. Here storages. During the Great Patriotic War in the liberation of Belgorod Cathedral was badly damaged. In the late 50s the authorities tried to blow up the temple, but he persevered. He persevered and after another such attempt in the 70s. In 1991, the church was returned to Smolensk believers. Tested for durability, retaining walls and unbroken tracts their higher purpose, the cathedral still fits perfectly into the surrounding skyline, as a city, "pearl", hitting calm, confident grandeur.

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