Презентация "Сollections" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:

C o l l e c t i o n s

Collections of

[ au ] [ ai ]

One, two. How are you?

Three, four. Fine and you?

Five, six. What time is it?

Seven, eight. It’s late!

Nine, ten. Let’s count then!

How many souvenir magnets do I have?

I bought thirteen magnets at souvenir shop.

My brother gave me four hand-made as a present.

My dad sent me seven souvenir magnets.

My friends gave me eleven souvenir magnets as a present.


The first line

I’ve got a … collection. What about you?

The second line

I haven’t got a … collection, but I’ve got a …

Remember the words

collection [kə'lekʃən]

stamp [stæmp]

coin [kɔɪn]

album ['ælbəm]

easy ['iːzɪ]

great [greɪt]

to feel [fiːl]

to be proud of [praud]

It makes me happy


Home work

  • Fill in a form about your mum, dad, sister or brother his/her collection
  • Write a short paragraph about you and your collection
  • Vocabulary / Word list 2c