Презентация "English KVN" 10 класс

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“Do You know America?”



You must put the letters in the right order and you’ll get the name of the country. Competition 1 The ABC The United States of America British British American
  • Cinema
  • Lift
  • Autumn
  • Flat
  • Sweet
  • Post
  • Tin
  • Form
  • Tube
Competition 3 Competition 3 Quiz




Competition 4 Competition 4 Who sings it? Captains’ competition 5 Captains’ competition 5 Competition 6 Competition 6 True or False? Washington was named after the first President. Black Americans in New York live in the centre. The President of the US live and work in the Capitol. Detroit is famous for its automobile industry. The nickname of the US government is Uncle Ben. Pilgrim Fathers sailed to America in the Santa Maria. Washington belongs to the state of Maryland. The largest US city is New York. Thank you for your work!!! Thank you for your work!!! The competition was very interesting!!! Meet You again!