Тест "Camping: Is it for you?" 7 класс

Test “Camping: Is it for you?”
1. Translate into English.
Завтрак, свитер, носки, джинсы, озеро, быть усталым,
иметь головную боль, футболка, гриб, картошка.
2. Translate into Russian.
Trousers, to walk, to have a toothache, guitar, boots, to
cook, vegetables, fruit, to be as strong as an ox, to be as
hungry as a hunter.
3. Write two forms of these adjective.
Famous, dark, cheap, funny, tall.
4. Choose the right word.
1) Is that (your/yours) pencil?
2) That book is (my/mine).
3) That picture isn’t (him/his).
4) Their flat is as big as (our/ours).
5) Our teacher was as good as (their/theirs).
5. Translate into Russian.
1) This exercise is not as difficult as that one.
2) The film was not as good as the book.
3) My friend’s dog is as funny as mine.
4) Those shoes are as comfortable as those ones.
5) His backpack is as heavy as yours.
6. Translate into English.
1) Наша палатка не такая новая, как твоя.
2) Его книга такая же интересная, как её.
3) Его лицо было красным от стыда.
4) Она ведет себя хорошо.
5) Моя палатка больше, чем твоя.
7. Choose the right answer.
1) What can help you read a book in a sleeping bag?
a) a penknife;
b) a torch;
c) a tent.
2) Where do people sleep in the forest?
a) in a tent;
b) in their wellingtons;
c) in their sweaters.
3) What do you need if you get lost in the forest?
a) a penknife;
b) matches;
c) compass.
4) What do you need for your campfire?
a) some wood and matches;
b) some wood and a torch;
c) a guitar and a penknife.