Презентация "What can you do?" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
What can you do? Today is the 4 of December A super cat. My cat can sing, my cat can walk, My cat can watch TV. My cat can do so many things And it can play with me! My cat can't play computer games And can't sit on my bed. But all in all. But all in all It is a super cat. What can your super animal do?
  • I have got a ……..
  • My ……….can……..

Write what they can или can, t do.







play computer games





ride a bicycle



watch TV



Hi! I am Tom. I have got a sister. Her name is Ann. She is nice but can, t play computer games. I can play computer games but I can, t sing or dance. My sister can sing or dance very well. Ann and I can’t swim and ride a bicycle. But we can watch TV.


  • dance
  • swim
  • play chess
  • ride a bicycle
  • roller-skate
  • climb a tree
a super boy and a super girl

What can you do?

What can you see? hometask
  • Grammar- take green cards.
  • Reading- take orange cards.
  • Writing- take yellow cards.
Thank You For a Lesson!

I can dance.

He can dance.

They can dance.

I can, t sing.

He can, t sing.

They can, t sing.