Презентация "Infinitive and - ing forms" 8 класс

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Infinitive and -ing forms.
  • Module 5 lesson C
1) After modal verbs:
  • Bare infinitive form
  • Alex can type very fast.
2) After adjectives (glad, happy, sad, lucky, eager, willing)
  • Infinitive form
  • Jane is always willing to help.
  • You are lucky to win the first prize.
3) To show purpose
  • Infinitive form
  • He uses his car to get home.
4) After certain verbs (decide, appear, expect, hope, promise, want, plan, refuse, etc.)
  • Infinitive form
  • (само действие будет относиться к будущему)
  • They are planning to go on holiday.
  • He refused
  • to join the team.
5) After prepositions (object)
  • -ing form
  • Mark insisted on paying for dinner.
  • My granny is good at making cakes.
6) As a noun (subject)
  • -ing form
  • Swimming is a good form of exercise.
7) After expressions (to be busy, it's no use, it's no good, it's (not) worth, can't help, etc.)
  • -ing form
  • He was busy doing his homework right now.
  • I can't help laughing at his joke.
8) After certain verbs (admit, fancy, deny, start, continue, imagine, avoid, suggest, go(for activities), spend, waste, etc.)
  • -ing form
  • He continued reading at night.
  • He spent 4 hours watching this film.
  • + infinitive
  • Забыть, не помнить
  • I forgot to phone Mr. Jones.
  • + -ing form
  • Забыть, не помнить о событии в прошлом
  • I will never forget driving in that terrible storm.
  • + infinitive
  • Помнить, не забывать
  • Ann always remembers to lock the door.
  • + -ing form
  • Помнить, не забывать о событии в прошлом
  • I remember walking in the park with my dad.
  • + infinitive
  • Намереваться, собираться
  • I meant to visit you, but I was too busy.
  • + -ing form
  • Подразумевать, предполагать
  • Growing up means having new responsibilities.
  • + infinitive
  • Сожалеть, что приходится сообщать неприятную новость. (чаще с Present Simple)
  • I regret to inform you that your flight has been delayed.
  • + -ing form
  • Сожалеть о чем-то.
  • I regret being so rude with you.
  • + infinitive
  • Стараться, делать все возможное
  • She tried to carry this box, but it was too heavy.
  • + -ing form
  • Делать что-то в качестве эксперимента
  • Try making a cake for your birthday.
  • + infinitive
  • Остановиться с целью что-то сделать.
  • He stopped to tie his shoelaces.
  • + -ing form
  • Прекратить делать что-то.
  • Stop eating so many sweets!
Go on
  • + infinitive
  • Закончив действие, приступить к новому.
  • After he finished his speech he went on to answer the questions.
  • + -ing form
  • Продолжать делать что-либо.
  • She went on calling me again and again.
  • + infinitive
  • Испытывать неудовольствие по поводу предстоящего действия.
  • I hate to tell you that you are fired.
  • + -ing form
  • Не любить что-то делать.
  • I hate waking up early in the morning.