Тест "The Pronoun" 10 класс

The Pronoun
1. Nobody is away .... are here.
a) everybody b) each c) all d) everyone
2. I felt ... great after a cold shower.
a) myself b) - c) me d) my
3. ... people keep pets at home.
a) the most b) most of c) most the d) most
4. How many cigarettes are left? -
a) none b) neither c) nothing d) no any
5. Does he speak German or English?
a) Either. He speaks Spanish too.
b) So. He knows Spanish either.
c) So. He knows Spanish too.
d) Neither. He doesn't speak Spanish too.
6. He never does ... work on time.
a)no b) not c) some d) any
7. The man ... lives next door is good at telling funny stories.
a) which b) that is c) who d) whose
8. Come on Tuesday or Wednesday.- ... day is OK.
a) home b) both c) no one d) either
9. I don't like artificial silk. I'd rather have real ... .
a) ones b) that one c) one d) -
10. Where are ...photos? There were 20 of them.
a) the other b) another c) other d) others
11. Whose book is this? - ...
a) theirs b) there's c) their d) there
12. Would you like ... to eat?
a) something b) anything c) any d) some
13. Are there any people in the street?
a) Yes, a lot of b) Yes, a lot c) Not much d) No any
14. Did the children enjoy ... at the party?
a) - b) themselves c) themselves d) theirselves
15. I can't concentrate ... on anything.
a) myself b) - c) oneself d) ourself
16. Let's go. ... not worth waiting any longer.
A) They b) It is c) There's d) It's
17. John and Jill couldn't get into the house. ... of them had a key.
a) either b) both c) all d) neither
18. Which of the books did you buy?
a) either b) neither c) none d) nothing
19. … my friends wished me a happy birthday.
a) None b) No one of c) No d) Nobody of
20. Celia's bought ... .
a) too much tomatoes b) too many tomatos c) plenty tomatoes d) a lot of tomatoes
21. I'll be here for ... few weeks.
a) another b) the others c) other d) the other
22. Whoever calls, tell ... I’m not in.
a) him b) her c) them d) us
23. She took her dog with ... .
a) her b) herself c) - d) themselves
24. She's the same age as ... .
a) me b) myself c) my age d) mine
25. ... is the best answer, Ann.
a) Your b) Yours c) Her d) Yourself
26. Everybody ... wearing ... shorts.
a) was, their b) were, their c) was, his/her d) were, his/ her
27. What ... places of interest have you visited?
a) another b) else c) other d) others
28. He cut ... while he was shaving ... .
a) himself, himself b) -, - c) himself,- d) -, himself
29. ... people like novels ... prefer short stories.
a) some, others b) any,others c) some,other d) most, anothers
30. What ... do you know about him?
a) other b) more c) else d) also
31. ... a house over there.
a) There's b) It’s c) There d) Theirs
32. We've got a new cat.- What is ... name?- ... Called Polly.
a) its, it's b) It's, its c) It, it d) Its, it
33. She not only sings, she plays the piano ... .
a) as good b) as well c) as well as d) as good as