Конспект урока "Everybody knows them" 8 класс

Everybody knows them
Цели: Ознакомление учащихся с лексикой по теме «Они известны
Основные задачи:
Тренировка произносительных навыков
Развитие навыков и умений говорения.
Развитие навыков письма.
развивать умения устной речи и чтения, умение работать в группе,
в паре.
работать над лексикой (развитие навыков умения распознавать
значения интернациональных слов, запоминать новые слова и
составлять предложения из этих слов);
1.Организационный момент
Приветствие учителя и учащихся.
Good morning, dear girls and boys. I’m so glad to see you today.
Good morning, dear colleagues! Welcome to our lesson!
Today we are going to read, speak and write about the famous people.
The topic of our today’s lesson is “Everybody knows them”
2.Речевая зарядка.
Представление учеников на ладони «Who am I?». There is a sheet
of a paper before you. Take it now. Draw your left hand there. Put
down your name in the middle of this hand. Then give five adjectives
that describe you character. And now tell us about yourself.
2.Основная часть урока.
T: I would like to start from Chinese Proverb:
“There are many path to the top of the mountain, but the view is
always the same”
1. What the quotation refer to?
2. What is sometimes compared with the top of the mountain?
3. Is it difficult or easy to get to the top?
(pupils answer these questions)
P1: The quotation is connected with success in life. To my
mind the top of the mountain is career. And, it’s rather difficult
to get to the top.
(Then pupils do ex. 1а, b. at p.54)
Также это задание на слайдах в презентации.
Answers: 1B 2C 3A 4D
To expend topic vocabulary and review different guessing
T: Now do ex.2a. where you have to read the words in the box and
mark those that you don’t know and cannot guess. Work in pairs.
Это задание выполняется самостоятельно, проверяем всем
To practice dictionary skills
Ex.2b. Find the meanings of the words you don’t know.
Two of the definition are in the wrong place.
(далее обсуждение ответов учеников, и подбор лучшего
перевода на русский язык новых слов).
To practice active vocabulary and grouping as a vocabulary-
storing strategy.
Ex.2c. Copy the table in your exercise book and write the words
and phrases in the corresponding columns. Work in groups (первый
ряд -1 колонка, 2 ряд-2 колонка, 3 ряд-3 колонка). Then check it in
class. (проверка задания происходит при помощи выеденного
задания на слайд в презентации.)
Ex.3a. at this ex. You have to match the headings in the 2d column
with the appropriate paragraph in the 3d column.
Answers: 1-9, 2-1, 3-8, 4- 2,3., 5-4,5,6., 6-7.
Ex.3b. Put the headings in ex. 3a. in a logical order. (задание
выполняется всем классом на доске, задание выведено на слайд в
- вывод учителя. So, today we knew the words which help us to do
the next tasks at this unit for the next lesson.
3. Домашнее задание.
WB ex.1, 2a, 2b.
4. Возвращение к ладоням. Now work with your hands again. Will
you show us the symbol of friendship with your hands. Помашите
гостям урока бумажными и настоящими руками в знак
прощания. You see different hands that say goodbye to you. Thank
you for the lesson.