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The Republic of Ireland Автор: Васильченко Тамара Николаевна учитель английского языка МОУ-СОШ с. Приволжское План занятия кружка
  • 1.Символы Ирландии
  • 2.Географическое положение страны
  • 3.Климатические условия Ирландии
  • 4.Экономика страны
  • 5.Население Ирландии
  • 6.Религиозные общины Ирландии
  • 7. Национальный государственный язык
  • 8.Дублин – столица Ирландии
  • 9.Нравы и традиции народа Ирландии
  • The official Irish flag
  • The unofficial Irish flag

The Shamrock.

The Harp.

The Cladding Ring.

The Coat of Arms of Ireland

  • The Republic of Ireland takes up the larger part of the island of Ireland. The island is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the south, west and north and is separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea. Its total area is 84,000sq. km. One-sixth of its territory is a part of the UK called Northern Ireland.
  • The climate of Ireland is dominated by the moderating effects of the surrounding seas. Snow is rare in most winter. Average temperature in January and February is between 4’C and 7’C. In July and August average temperature is 14’C and 17’C. Annual rainfall makes Irishmen call their country the cleanest place in the world
Economic Development
  • The main industries of Ireland are food and tobacco manufacturing and brewing. Agriculture remains one of the most important part of the Irish economy. Cattle raising and dairy-farming are the major sectors. The main crops are barley, wheat, sugar-beef, peas and potatoes. Industrial exports include chemicals, textiles, and machinery and transport equipment
  • The population of The Republic of Ireland on April 2nd 2014 is approximately 2,910,130. (Extrapolated from a population of 4,460,000 on September 22nd 2009 and a population of 4,109,086 on October 9th 2010.)
  • About 94% of the people of Ireland are Roman Catholics, and less than 4% are Protestants. Protestant groups include the Church of Ireland (Anglican) and the Presbyterian and Methodist denominations. Freedom of worship is guaranteed by the constitution.
  • Almost all the people speak English, and about one-fourth also speak Irish, a Gaelic language that is the traditional tongue of Ireland. Irish is spoken as the vernacular by a relatively small number of people, however, mostly in areas of the west. The constitution provides for both Irish and English as official languages.
Dublin is the capital of the country. Traditions SAIN’T PATRIcK’S DAY PARADE

This parade is held on the 17-th of March, the day of the main Irish saint. But it takes place not only in Ireland now.

St. Patrick – Ireland’s national apostle According to legend he was abducted from his parents’ villa and taken to Ireland where he remained for some years as a slave, returning there subsequently as a missionary. He is said to have died in 461 AD. A revival of devotion to and interest in St. Patrick accompanied the growth of Irish nationalism in the 18th century. Irish DANCES Sources: http://present5.com/prezentaciya-irlandiya/ http://ppt4web.ru/geografija/respublika-irlandija.html http://fhsnha.mirtesen.ru/blog/43572076461/Prezentatsiya-irlandiya http://skachat-prezentaciju-besplatno.ru/prezentaciya-na-temu-irlandiya-ireland.html Журнал «Иностранные языки в школе» №3 1991 г Газета «Первое сентября» №10 1994 г.