Конспект урока "The article ''Society more violent; so are children" 7 класс

План-конспект урока по английскому языку
Тема: The article ''Society more violent; so are children.''
Цель: проанализировать статью ''Society more violent; so are children.''
Задачи: 1) обогащение лексики на основе данной статьи;
2) обзор статьи с выходом на темы: Juvenile delinquency. Children and parents.
Violent parents, violent children.;
3) развитие нравственно-этических качеств.
Оборудование: презентация (Приложение 1), раздаточный материал,
компьютер, текст статьи ''Society more violent; so are children.''
Ход урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность ученика
- Good afternoon, students. I'm glad to
see you, sit down, please.
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?
- Very well. Thank you.
- The theme of our lesson today is
Article 2 ''Society more violent; so
are children.''
The aim of our lesson is to
summarize this article.
But first of all, I'd like to begin with
phonetic warming up. Let's repeat
some sounds. Repeat after me,
please. (Приложение 2)
Good for you.
And now let's speak about our
article ''Society more violent; so
are children.''
There are sentences on the
blackboard. Say whether the
following statements are true or
1. The article ''Society more
violent; so are children.'' is taken
from the internet.
2. You are right. The author of this
article is unknown.
3. That's right. This article is about
a holiday in Westside Middle
School in Jonesboro.
Quite right.
- Good afternoon, teacher.
- I am on duty today.
- All are here.
Читают за учителем.
It is false. The article…is taken
from the newspaper “USA
It is false. The authors of this
article are Karen S. Peterson
and Glenn O’Neal.
It is false. This article is about
a murder in Westside Middle
School in Jonesboro and the
reasons of children’s violence.
4. A boy and a girl, ages 11 and 15,
have been taken into custody for
allegedly killing four students and
a teacher.
5. Juvenile delinquency is only an
Arkansas problem.
Good work, class. You work today
very well.
Translate into Russian follow
1. Nowadays, children have
access to money, drugs,
alcohol and weapons.
2. Experts say that the middle
school is a difficult enough
place for youngsters ages 10
to 14.
3. The modern culture has a big
influence on children.
4. Many young people connect
in to groups and organize
youth gangs.
5. Some years ago a law was
appeared. Children younger
than 18 must be at home not
late than 22 o’clock.
We have a physical training now.
Stand up, please. Let’s play a little.
Now, I tell you what you must do
and you do it only if you hear a
word “please”. If you don’t hear this
word you mustn’t do what I ask
you. (Ученик, сделавший ошибку,
выбывает из игры. Побеждает тот,
кто не сделал ни одной ошибки.)
1.Stand up, please. Hands up, please.
Hands on your shoulders, please.
Hands on your hips. Oops. Sorry, but
you must sit down.
2.Touch your nose, please. Touch your
shoes. Hands on your knees, please. Sit
It is false. Two boys, ages 11
and 13, have been taken into
custody for allegedly killing
four students and a teacher.
It is false. It is the problem all
over the world.
1.В наши дни дети имеют
доступ к деньгам,
наркотикам, алкоголю и
Эксперты говорят, что
средняя школа достаточно
трудна для подростков от 10
до 14 лет.
Современная культура
оказывает большое влияние
на детей.
Множество молодых людей
объединяются в группы и
организовывают банды.
Несколько лет назад был
издан закон. Дети младше 18
лет должны быть дома не
позднее чем 22.00.
- Good for you. - Let’s continue to
speak about our theme.
- Tell me, please, which reasons of
children’s violence do you know?
- Now I want you to read me your
opinion about this article.
Thank you. And now I want to read
you my opinion about this article.
In my opinion this article is very
interesting for parents, children and me
too. The authors don’t describe only the
event in Westside Middle school. They
show us the opinions of other people.
For example, psychologist Carol
Freeman says that kids have access to
money and weapons. Patricia Hersch
say that all were shocked when knew
about Westside Middle school. I think
that the authors want to show other
people that this problem may be in your
family or school and you must worry
about it. I agree with the authors. They
stress this problem that people will look
after their children and pay attention to
their behavior.
- Very well. Now you know some
reasons of children’s violence.
I’ll give you sheets of paper
and want to ask you do a web
about this theme. You can use
new words and expressions.
- You have 3 minutes.
Your time is over. Now give me your
works. I’ll check them at home and tell
your marks on the next lesson.
- I’ll give you some tokens for
your work today. You worked
very well today. Thank you for
the lesson.
- Good-bye.
Violent society, indifference of
parents, homeless
(беспризорность), Mass
3-4 человека читают свое
мнение о статье.
Данный конспект разработан учителем английского языка МБОУ ООШ 15 г.
Темрюка Арутюновой Анной Сергеевной.