Конспект урока "Parliament"

Цель: в форме игры обобщить знания учащихся по теме «Британский
сравнить парламентские системы России и Британии;
тренировать учащихся в произношении и чтении.
Оборудование: мультимедийная установка, таблица – игровое поле, жетоны
с указанными очками (от 10 до 60)
Учитель: Good morning, children! Today we are going to play a game on the
theme “Parliament”. It is very close to the popular game on TV - “Our game”.
Some instructions:
Have a look at this table. You see there are 5 fields here: History, Names,
Participants, the UK and Russia.
There are 6 questions in each field. You get a question (a word, name or
date) and you answer. If your answer is right, you’ll get the points of the question
(from 10 to 60). Each question has the right variant, you can read it after your
At the end of the game we’ll count your points and those who gets the
most points, will get the marks. Good Luck! We start.
Слайды 3-17
Слайды 18-29
Слайды 30-42
The UK:
Слайды 43-58
К слайду 54:
You can see a beautiful arch. There are two statues on each side of the arch. Both
of these two men were Prime Ministers and represented the two main parties:
the Conservative Party (Sir Winston Churchill, the leader of the Conservative
Party, and the Labour Party (Lloyd George, who represented the Labour Party in
the Parliament.
There is a tradition: before come in - touch the shoe of your former leader.
Слайды 59-70
Teacher: The game is over. Thank you, children! I’m satisfied with your work.
Let’s count your points.
Your marks …
Please, children, express your opinion towards the game.