Презентация "Wonders of the World" 10 класс

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Wonders of the World Reason Clauses
  • 1. When you are talking about a possible situation which explains the reason why someone does something ,you often use in case or just in case
  • I’m here just in case anything unusual happens.
  • 2. You do not use future tenses after in case
  • I’ll stay here in case she arrives (Present Simple) later.
  • 3. In case is not the same as if
  • in case – “so as to be on the safe side”, refers to the future
  • You insure things in case they are stolen.
  • if – refers to a result
  • You should telephone the police if your things are stolen
Time Clause
  • In time clauses future tenses are not used.
  • I’l tell him this funny story if he comes (Present Simple)
Time Clauses
  • Every time I come …
  • Every time I write…
  • Every time I meet …
  • Every time I hear…
  • Every time it snows …
Time Clauses
  • … every time I see Indian films.
  • … every time I go shopping.
  • … every time I work on the computer.
  • … every time I begin doing my homework.
Listening Comprehension “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”
  • 1. The wonders of the ancient world were created to attract tourists from Ancient Greece.
  • 2. It was a must for people from the Middle Ages to see the Seven Wonders .
  • 3. The list which contains the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was made in Ancient Greece.
  • 4. Nowadays people can see only one wonder or those seven.
  • 5. The Mausolem of Maussollos was about 140 feet high.
  • 6. The English word mausoleum originated from the first name of a king.
The Great Wall of China