Презентация "Baikal Festival" 4 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Welcome to Baikal Festival !
  • Come and Have Fun with Us!
We’ll have Baikal Festival next summer near lake Baikal.
  • Come and
  • Play seahorses
  • Take part in a seahorses race
  • Eat delicious fish, berries and
  • mushrooms
  • Swim and dive
  • Slide down the Water Tube
  • Ride a Banana or a water bike
  • Splash in the lake or river
  • Go boating or fishing
  • Visit our Sea Museum and
  • learn more about sea animals
  • and fish
Slide Down the Water Tube Ride a banana or a water-bike Eat delicious fish, berries and mushrooms Take part in Mushroom Hunt Swim in the lake or in the river Make a fancy dress and a mask and take part in the parade Visit the Baikal museum and learn more about people, Baikal plants and animals It’s a brown bear. It lives in the forest. It’s very big and strong. It likes fish and berries. It’s a sable. It lives in the forest. It’s small and brown. It’s got beautiful fur. It’s a famous Baikal endemic – epishura. It’s a little crayfish. It makes water clean. Do you know Baikal fish?
  • Golomyanka is a small transparent fish. It lives in clean water.
  • Pikes live in the lake and
  • in the rivers.
  • Omul is also a
  • Baikal’s endemic.
We’ll decorate the Festival with
  • Flowers
  • Green weeds
  • Balloons
  • Posters
  • Lights and lamps
  • Fireworks
  • Fancy dress and masks
  • fireworks
  • a sailor
  • fancy dress
  • lights
  • flowers
Invitation Card
  • Dear __friends_______
  • Please come to Baikal Festival.
  • Festival will start on the 7th of July 2010,
  • at 4p.m. near lake Baikal.
  • Come and:
  • With best wishes,
  • Nastya and Arinna
Music, songs and rhymes
  • Викторова Наташа
  • Лобанова Юля