Конспект урока "Coming of age" 7 класс

Конспект открытого урока в 7 классе
Дата проведения 24.02.2012
Класс 7
Учитель Чернина К.М.
Тема «Wacky Celebrations», « Adulthood. Age of majorit
Оборудование: a stereo ,a TV +DVD or a multifunctional projector
Course book: Challenges 3 S.B. M. Harris, D. Mower, A. Sikorzynska
Materials: Across Cultures 4 p.72, CD 3, video BBC Across Cultures A2
Good morning! Today we are going to talk about some special moments in everyone’s life. The first one
is the age of majority or lawful age. We celebrate this date in Russia at the age of eighteen but in
different counties young people celebrate it at different age and in different way.
Step 1 (7 10 min)
Checking homework:
But first of all, I want you tell me about any wacky or unusual traditions that you know. I asked you to
search the Internet at home in order to find some information about it. Who wants to tell the class
about something interesting?
Students shortly tell the class what they have found out.
Step 2 (7-10 min)
Ok, I suggest you to speak about the age of eighteen which is special for all people in Russia.
We usually call it the age of majority or the full age or the age when the teenager becomes an
adult. Can you tell me what is special about it? Which things are you able to do at this age?
Ok. Now, I’ll give you a list of activities and aks you to make comments about them. How do
you think, at what age people should be able to do the thing below? Don’t forget to use the
structures to express your opinion:
In my opinion…..
Up to my mind…..
I suppose that…..
It seems to me that….
I think that…..
As for me, I strongly believe that…..
I’m not absolutely sure, but I think that…..
Vote (голосовать) Live alone , independently
Get married
Drive a car… Own the house
Become a president or work in the Parliament…
Have children.. Go to school and leave school
Travel abroad without parents..
Buy different things.. Pay a fine (платить штраф)
Have their own bank account…
Join the army… Have a full-time job
Be sentenced at the court (приговорен в суде)
St. (vote, drive a car, get married, join the army)
Step 3
Ok, Now Lets listen and read how such special day as reaching the age of majority is celebrated
in such countries as South America, Australia and in the tribes of Apache.
Open you course books. Page 72, ex. 2
Students listen to the cassette and follow it in the books.
Text 1. Quinceanera.
After listening :
At what age do people in South America celebrate this date?
How do they celebrate it?
Where does the ceremony take place?
Are there any traditional dishes?
Who takes part in the celebration?
Translate the sentences with the words in blue. Try to guess the meaning of the phrasal verb.
Text 2 The Sunrise ceremony.
How long is the ceremony?
Who take part in it?
What does she have to do during the ceremony?
Translate the sentences with the words in blue. Try to guess the meaning of the phrasal verb.
Text 3. Citizenship Ceremony
When does it take place?
Who take part in the ceremony?
How do they dress up? Do they have any special costumes?
Translate the sentences with the words in blue. Try to guess the meaning of the phrasal verb.
Ok. Now, can you tell me which ceremony do you like more? Which is the most unusual? Would
you like to have such ceremony? How would you like to celebrate you eighteen’s birthday?
Step 4.
Please, read the statements in ex.3 carefully and decide in which countries these things
Students do the task in ex.3 matching the statements with the texts. Teacher check the
Step 5. Please, you have two minutes to read through one of the texts. After that I’ll ask you
to retell it. You can choose the text you like more.
Step 6 . Video. Now I suggest you watching a short video about another wacky ceremony
which takes place in India. Please, watch it carefully and tell me what type of ceremony is it
and what is special about it?
Students watch the video. After a short discussion. The aim is just to catch the main idea of
the film and understand the main activities mentioned.
If you have enough time it is a good idea to ask your students to put down as many details as
they can (so, make notes) while they are listening. They can compare their notes after watching
and find out who is the most attentive student. It will definitely increase their motivation.
Conclusion: I hope that now You know much more about the different ceremonies in different
countries and get some interesting ideas how to celebrate your own eighteens birthday.
Homework: C.B. h.73 ex 4, 5 and learn the collocations with DO , Make from the last lesson.