Топик "The Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus"

The Tower Bridge connects the north and the south
banks of the Thames. It has two towers with walkways.
You can see the Tower Bridge rise when the ships pass.
The Tower Bridge
Тауэрский мост
To connect соединить
The north север
The south юг
A bank берег
A walkway аллея,
To rise подниматься
A ship корабль
To pass проходить
Piccadilly Circus is a round square in the West End with
shops and restaurants. There is a statue of Eros, the God
of Love, in the middle of the square. People like to meet
at the foot of this statue.
Piccadilly Circus
Площадь Пикадилли
Round круглый
A square площадь
The West End Вест-Энд
A restaurant ресторан
A statue статуя
Eros Эрос = Амур =
A god бог
In the middle of в
To meet встречать
At the foot of у подножия