Конспект урока "Pets and we" 5 класс

Тема урока: Pets and we.
Цели урока:
1. Revise the language and grammar of units in games
2. Ask and answer questions about what pets they`ve got
3. Describe the pets by size and colour
4. Listening for specific information
5. Listening for gist
6. Completing sentences.
Оборудование: диапроектор; магнитофон; картины, с изображением
животных, карточки, жетоны.
Ход урока:
Boys and girls, pets are our friends. They are cats, chickens, ducklings,
rabbits, pigs... Today we will speak about pets in games.
Our first game is “Cipher” «Шифровка». T dictates letters, Pp write and
guess the sentence (I h a v e g o t a d o g/c a t)
The second game is “Snowball” «Снежный ком». Begin so: “I`ve got a…”
And now… We have game “The boasts”. You must boast about your like
The next game is “What kind of pet is it?” The first group says a pet and
another group says what kind of animal is it. For example, a dog the dog is great.
And just is time for “Gwalt”. Are you ready? Pp in your group say some
pets. Pp in another group must guess, what kind of pets have Pp
Boys and girls, listen the song I bought me a cat”. What kind of animals was
bought in this song?
Who says?
A dog
A cat
A chicken
A duck
A cow
1. And just is time for game “I think…” You must guess, what kind of pets has
your friend. P describe the pets by size and colour. Begin so: “I think Oleg
has a cat.”
And the last game is “Tell about your pet” by card.
Card 1
a dog.
have got
My dog
great and big
my favorite pet
The dog
Card 2
a cat.
have got
My cat
nice and small
my favorite pet
The cat
Everybody was fine today. Good buy.