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Презентация "Trouble in the colonies" 7-9 класс

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Trouble in the colonies

Trouble in the colonies

The New World

Definition of the Sugar Act

The Sugar Act of 1764 was a British Law, passed by the Parliament of Great Britain on April 5, 1764, that was designed to raise revenue from the American colonists in the 13 Colonies.

The Act set a tax on sugar and molasses imported into the colonies which impacted the manufacture of rum in New England.

Purpose of the Sugar Act

Regulate the trade by effectively closing the legal trade to non-British suppliers. The Act was designed to stop trade between New England and the Middle colonies with French, Dutch, and Spanish in the West IndiesThe act taxed more foreign goods including wines, coffee, cambric and printed calicoTimber and iron were also included in the products that could be traded only with England

The Stamp Act


The Boston Tea Party

Meeting for action