Тест "Hello! Nice to see you again!" 5 класс

Test. Unit 1 «Hello! Nice to see you again!»
I. Translate the words.
Timetable __________________________________________
Subject ____________________________________________
Information Technology ______________________________
Physical education ___________________________________
Foreign language ____________________________________
Break _____________________________________________
II. Write plural forms of the nouns:
a school ___________________ a fox __________________________
a wolf ____________________ a city _________________________
a man ____________________ a fish __________________________
a mouse___________________ a tooth _________________________
Write the degrees of comparison:
Big _________________________ _______________________
Funny _________________________ _______________________
Interesting _________________________ _______________________
Beautiful _________________________ _______________________
Good _________________________ _______________________
Bad _________________________ _______________________
IV. Choose the right translation:
1) pupilsform
a) школьная форма ученика b) школьная форма учеников
2) my friends nickname
a) прозвище моего друга b) прозвище моих друзей
3) her childrens marks
a) оценки ее детей b) оценка ее детей
4) the teachersphotos
a) Фотография учителей b) фотографии учителей
5) her friends letter
a) письмо ее друзей b) письмо ее друга
V. Choose the right form of the verb ( Present Simple, Past Simple or Future Simple):
1. Yesterday we _________________________to the cinema.
a) Go b) goes c)went d) will go
2. She _________________________________to meet her teacher today.
a) Want b) wants c) wanted d) will want
3. They often ___________________________ poems by heart.
a) Learn b) learns c) learnt d) will learn
4. I____________________________________computer games yesterday.
a) Play b) plays c) played d) will play
5. My sister _________________________________ to the camp next summer.
a) Go b) goes c) went d) will go