Конспект урока "What are you afraid of?" 6 класс

Открытый урок в 6 классе по теме:
What are you afraid of?
Warm up: Good morning boys and girls. I am very glad to see you. My name is…
I am a teacher of K. school. I’d like to know your names. Слайд 1 (фото
учителя с именем)
What’s your name?
How do you feel?
Are you OK?
1. Today we`ll speak about some scary (жуткий, пугливый) things. Listen to
me; match the words and the pictures. Ex.1a (слайд 2 с темой урока и новыми
-Repeat the words after me T- Cl
-Match P1, P2, P3…
2. Do you want to know if you are scaredy-cat (трусишка)? Let`s do the test
“What are you afraid of?” ex.1b (слайд 3 с тестом)
P1- Iam (not) afraid of…(бояться) They (do not) bother (беспокоить, волновать)
me. Horrible (ужасный, страшный).
Now let’s read what your score means. (Слайд 4 с ответами)
3. Pair work. Interview your partner and find the things he\she is afraid of. Ex.2.
Use the example. (Слайд 5 (3)
4. OK. I see that you are not afraid of many things, so I can invite you to a
Halloween Party. Do you know what Halloween is? Here is my invitation card.
(Слайд 6 - приглашение). Writing. Let’s invite your classmates to the party.
(Заполняют приглашения, вручают друг другу по цепочке).
5. Do you have a fancy dress? It is a pity. What shall we do? I see, we shall use the
pictures. T-P1: Are you afraid of ghosts? Take it… Let`s dance making scary
noise. (Слайд 7 с праздника Хэллоуин)
6. Doing instructions. We haven`t got a Halloween lantern - фонарь (Pumpkin-
тыква) we shall read the instructions. They are mixed up. Put them in the correct
order. Ex.3. Here it is. Учитель зажигает свечу в тыкве и читает
стихотворение. (Слайд 8 стихотворение)
7. Playing. Spooky stories. (Истории-пугалки) Read and fill in the gaps with the
words from the box. (Слайд 9 картинка к тесту)
Listen and check.
Let’s read it in a spooky way, one by one.T-P1-P2-P3-P4…
8. Finishing. Are you afraid of this story? Are you afraid of English? I think that
English is fun and interesting. School is dull without English. Thank you for your
work. (Слайд 10 (3) со словом английский под №13)