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great inventors Of all time Galileo Galilei
  • Italian scientist, physicist, engineer and astronomer, one of the founders of natural science; poet. considered the basis of the knowledge of experience. Laid the foundations of modern mechanics put forward the idea of the relativity of motion, established the laws of inertia and free fall motion of bodies on an inclined plane, adding movements. Better known as an astronomer.
mainly invention of Galileo can be considered a telescope
  • It is a tool that helps the observation of remote objects, such as planets.
  • This model is a tube with a lot of magnifying glasses inside.
Alexander Bell
  • American scientist, inventor and businessman, one of the founders of telephony, founder of Bell Labs Which determined all the further development of the telecommunications industry in the United States.
Main Bell's invention is the phone
  • is a device to transmit and receive sound
Thomas Edison is another famous inventor
  • He perfected the telegraph, telephone, cinema equipment, invent one of the first versions of the electric incandescent lamp, invented the phonograph.
light bulb is one of his inventions
  • This device uses a heating effect in the flow conductor of electric current there through. as a result of the conductor gives light
Karl Benz is German engineer, inventor of the car
  • automotive pioneer
Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, two American inventors of the airplane
  • Wilbur Wright Orville Wright
they made the first powered flight of man on the unit is heavier than air to the engine