Топик "The Changing of the Guard and St. Paul's Cathedral"

The Changing of the Guard is a ceremony at
Buckingham Palace. It is a popular tourist attraction.
The ceremony takes places at 11:30 a.m. every day from
April to July. It is a colourful event with music.
The Changing of the
Guard смена караула
A ceremony
A tourist attraction
To take place
a.m. утром (до 12
часов дня)
from … to … - с по
colourful красочный
an event событие
with - с
St. Paul’s Cathedral is not far from the Tower of
London. The famous English architect Sir Christopher
Wren built it. It is a beautiful building with many
columns and towers.
St. Paul’s Cathedral –
Собор Святого Павла
Far from далеко от
Famous знаменитый
An architect
Sir Сэр (рыцарский
A column колонна
A tower башня