Конспект урока "Popular Arts" 7 класс

Открытый урок в 7 классе
Popular Arts
Цели: ввести и активизировать в речи ЛЕ по теме урока (названия видов искусства, профессий,
связанных с искусством); учить высказывать собственное мнение, опираясь на доступные
источники информации (словарные статьи); совершенствовать умение аудирования, говорения.
Ход урока
Модуль 1 What is art? Kinds of popular arts. 10 min
What is art?
1) Hello, students. I’m glad to see you. How are you today?
Students, watch the video and say what is the topic of our lesson today? Slide 1
You are right. The lesson is called Popular arts. Slide 2
2) Do you know what art is?
Watch what different people say about art, what they think about its gist (смысл, суть). While
watching, write some characteristics of art in your worksheets. Slide 3
Now let’s name some characteristics you have written down.
Форнтальный опрос(Art is … -an agent of change -expression of the soul -the highest form
of language
-art makes you think -what allows us to feel -draws out the
humanity (пробуждает)
- a vehicle for expressing emotions -passion -anything that highlights life)
Групповая работа
3) Now you are going to work in groups. On you desks, you can find papers with definitions of the
word ‘art’ from different resources: Wikipedia, Collins Learner’s Dictionary and the Merriam-
Webster Dictionary.
Use your imagination, previous answers based on video, information from the resources, find key words
in definitions, work in groups, and answer the question “What is art?”
You have 3 minutes, and then tell us your opinion.
Groups answers.
Slide 4
All of you says that art is something created with imagination and skills, beautiful and expresses people’s
important ideas or feelings.
Kinds of popular arts.
Many people work in art for a long time and express their feelings, emotions and ideas differently.
Парная работа
In pairs discuss the arts forms and make spidergrams in your worksheets. You have 2 minutes.
Now you are ready to name all the kinds of arts.
Change your papers. Let’s check the answers. Slide 5
If you have 8-7 correct answers, you will get 3 points,
6-5 correct answers 2 points,
4-3 correct answers 1 point,
2 and less no points.
Модуль 2 Arts Jobs 10 min
A lot of different people work in arts. Can you name their professions correctly?
1. Learn how to pronounce the jobs and repeat after me. Slide 6
2. How do you understand the word “a playwright” – драматург
3. Now do the exercise in your worksheets. It is an individual task. You have 3 minutes. Slide 7
Change your papers. It’s time for checking. Slide 8
10-9 correct answers 3 points
8-7 correct answers 2 points
6-5 correct answers 1 point
4 and less 0
4. Students, can you remember any names of people of art? Do the quiz. Match the names of
these people with the fields in which they worked. Фронтальная работа Slides 9,10
Эмоциональная разрядка
It’s time to relax and listen to some musical extracts. Guess who is the extract performed or created by.
Use the names of musicians and composers from the previous work.
(Elvis Presley, Luciano Pavarotti, Sergey Rakhmaninov) Slide 11
Модуль 3 Video Zone 18 min
How do you think, what arts are the most popular nowadays?
What do you think about dancing? Are good at it? Can you dance well? Would you like to dance modern
I suggest you watching a video extract about break dance. You’ll meet Kid Glyde. He’ll give you some
At first, do preparation task. It is an individual one. You have 3 minutes.
Change your papers. It’s time for checking.
If you have 8-7 correct answers, you will get 3 points,
6-5 correct answers 2 points,
4-3 correct answers 1 point,
2 and less no points.
Get ready to watch the video and then check your understanding. Remember basic steps.
Watching the video. Slide 12
Stand up, please. Name basic steps. Learn them: Indian step (let’s show it)
Cross step (show it)
Side step (show it)
Watch the video again and do “true/false” exercise. First, read the sentences.
Watching the video.
Do ex. 2 individually. You have 3 minutes.
Change your papers. It’s time for checking. If you have 8-7 correct answers, you will get 4 points,
6-5 correct answers 3 points,
4-3 correct answers 2 point,
2-1 1 point.
0 0
Students, let’s remember kinds of popular arts. Are they important nowadays? Why?
What is your favourite one? Why?
Now count your points, write total, your surname on the strikers you have on the desks. Come to the
board and stick your label on the paper with the art you prefer.
Your homework: learn all the new words from the lesson (they are in your worksheets), SB, ex. 4, unit 7.
Slide 13
Now watch your marks: 12-13 points total 5 (excellent)
11-9 4 (good)
8-7 3 (satisfactory) slide 14
The lesson is over. Thank you for your work.