Контрольная работа "Living things around us" 7 класс

Контрольная работа 7 класс по теме: «Living things around us» (Unit 4)
Вариант 2.
Задание 1. Прочитайте текст и выпишите, какие утверждения после него
соответствуют содержанию (True), какие – нет (False), а о чем в тексте не сказано (Not
stated), то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни положительного, ни отрицательного
C h a r l e s D a r w i m H o w It All Began
At the age of 19, Charles Darwin went to Cambridge University to study religion, but he
didn't like it. He didn't spend much time on books, what he loved to do was collectingъ
Finally, something happened to Charles that changed his life. A friend invited him on an
expedition on his ship the Beagle. Without any clear idea about what he wanted to do with
his life, Charles joined the expedition.
The voyage began on the 27th of December, 1831. Charles was not really a scientist and he
felt terribly seasick but he still had a wonderful time on his voyage. He had a great chance to
study lots of plants and animals. When the Beagle arrived at the Cape Verde [v3:d] Islandsin
the Atlantic Ocean, Charles saw a tropical forest for the first time in his life. And he was
surprised by the great number and variety of animal species. He started to collect butterflies,
spiders, beetles, shells he loved everything.
Darwin came home from his five-year adventure and began working hard. So much to do, so
many questions to answer. He later said that the two years after his voyage were the busiest
in his life. Charles started writing a book.
1. Darwin was not a good university student.____________
2. Darwin knew why he wanted to go on the expedition._____________
3. Darwin enjoyed the expedition._______________
4. When Darwin arrived at the Galapagos Islands, he already knew what he wanted to do
5. In London Darwin began to collect material for his book.____________
Задание 2. Закончите предложения подходящими по смыслу словами.
1. This pencil belongs to Betty, ___ pencil is mine.
a) other; b) the other; c) another.
2. Rose is friendly and pleasant one minute but she is as cold as ice the next. I just can’t
make her ___.
a) off; b) out; c) back.
3. She planted the roses in wet rich ___.
a) land; b) ground; c) soil.
4. They don’t believe me. They think I’ve ___ it ___.
a) made up; b) handed up; c) made out.
5. Wooden chairs are not always ___.
a) breakable; b) comfortable; c) movable.
6. His speech ___ freely.
a) flew; b) flowed; c) followed.
7. We have been waiting for you ___ half an hour.
a) since; b) science; c) for.
Задание 3. Translate into English
Включать –Близкий – Любопытный – Стрекоза –Близнец –Понимать с трудом –
Особенно –Вид
Задание 4. Use Present Perfect Progressive.
1) Jack (do) chemistry since 2009.
2) We (prepare) Christmas decorations since morning.
3) My mother (work) all day.
4) We (play) football for half an hour.
5) The Wilsons (travel) about Australia for two months.
Задание 5. Write the words in two groups: INSECTS (10)/PLANTS (10)
caterpillar, daffodil, dragonfly, elm, bee, fir, lion, ostrich, owl, penguin, pigeon, pine,
elephant, wolf, spider, robin, ape, beech, beetle, shamrock , bluebell, butterfly, seagull, fox,
moth, tulip, snake, hare, starling, sunflower, leek, swallow, thistle, ant, water lily,
woodpecker, ladybird, lily, lizard, fly, magpie, monkey, nightingale, oak, bear