Годовая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс

Годовая контрольная работа. 7 класс.
I. Complete the sentences with the correct word.
1. She spent the day in London, but found the streets
2. John lives in the country because he likes the friendly
and … people.
3. Sherlock Holmes was a … detective.
4. Diana is an extremely … child and the best student in
her class.
5. You have green eyes and … blond hair.
6. I read an interesting … about animals.
7. Penny likes to send … to her friends.
8. This singer is good … for teenagers.
9. You must save … if you want to buy something
10. I got a … camera for my birthday.
11. In Disneyland you can … a haunted mansion.
12. Don’t … the radio. I love this song!
13. I want … the Eco-helpers club.
14. I can’t … your handwriting.
15. In adventure films we use … sounds for action
( sharp, join, digital, role model, article, intelligent,
crowded, make out, pocket money, curly, text messages,
helpful, explore, turn off, famous).
II. Choose the right grammar form.
1. You look tired. You (should/ shouldn’t) go to bed.
2. Be quiet. The boy (sleeps/ is sleeping).
3. Sherlock Holmes wore a cape and (smokes/ smoked)
a pipe.
4. I (used to go/ go) to the gym on Sundays, but now I
go to the park.
5. The lesson was really (interesting/ interested).
6. I found the book really (bored/ boring).
7. My aunt Jane (drove/ was driving) to Oxford when I
phoned her.
8. We (went/ go) on holiday last July.
9. If I have a party, I (invite/ will invite) all my friends.
10. If it (will be, is) sunny tomorrow, we will go to the
11. I never (was/ have been) to America before.
12. John isn’t here. He (went/ has gone) shopping.
13. It (rained/ has been raining) for two days.
14. He (has known/ has been knowing) Jane since
15. That’s (bad/ the worst) film I have ever seen.
III. Match the phrasal verb and the translation.
1. run after a) отказываться
2. give up b) натолкнуться
3. look forward to c) вернуться
4. go with d)продолжаться
5. give back e)ждать с нетерпением
6. look after f)искать
7. turn into g)преследовать
8. look for h)ухаживать
9. come across i)возвращать
10. go on j)подходить
11. come back k)ложиться спать
12. make up l)превратиться
13. turn in m)помириться
14. make up with n)понять
15. make out o)выдумывать
IV. Match the titles to the paragraphs of the text. One title is extra.
The History of the word “Hobby”.
1. The word owes its origin to a small horse called hobby”. A hobby-horse was a wooden toy which
children rode like a real horse, hobby. From this came the expression “to ride one’s hobby-horse”,
meaning “to follow your favorite pastime”, and in turn, hobby in the modern sense means activity for
2. There are hobbies for every personality, lifestyle and budget. Popular hobbies often involve collecting
items like coins, stamps, baseball cards, working with your hands like sewing, embroidery or performing
an outdoor activity like clowning, hiking or bird watching.
3. Creating something useful or making things for decoration can be both practical and fun. Acting, play
writing, poetry, playing an instrument, collecting music CDs, or writing song lyrics are all good ways to
spend a quality time. Radio controlled model cars, airplanes, helicopters or boats have opened up a wide
spread, interesting activity.
4. Board and card games like chess, checkers are a great way to stimulate your mind and meet new
people. Just remember that the most important thing is that you have fun with whatever hobby you