Презентация "Answering phone calls" 4 класс

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Answering phone calls One Busy Housewife One Busy Housewife One busy Housewife to sweep up the floor Two busy Housewife to polish the door Three busy Housewife to wash all the socks Four busy Housewife to wind up the clock Five busy Housewife to cook dinner too Six busy Housewife with nothing left to do
  • Mag: 325091.
  • Mr. Wilson: Hello! This is John Wilson speaking. Can I speak to Mr Black?
  • Mag: I’m sorry, Mr Wilson. He isn’t in.
  • Mr Wilson: What a pity!
  • Mag: Mr Wilson, can you phone back at 6 o’clock?
  • Mr Wilson: Of course, I can. Thank you. Bye.
  • Mag: Bye.
  • - Can I speak to …?
  • - I’m sorry. She isn’t in.
  • - Can you phone back at …? - What a pity!
  • - Of course,
  • - Good bye.