Конспект "Homes and away" 5 класс

Short term plan
Unit 1 Homes and away
Unit of a long term plan unit1
Teacher name:
Number present:
Lesson title
Homes 1
Learning objectives(s)
that this lesson is
contributing to (link to
the Subject programme)
L1. Understanding sequence of supported classroom instructions
S7. Use appropriate subject- specific vocabulary and syntax to talk
about a limited range of general topics
UE3. Use a growing variety of adjectives and regular and irregular
comparative and superlative adjectives an a limited range of
familiar general and curricular topics
W3 write with support factual descriptions at text level which
describe people, places and objects
Lesson objectives
All learners will be able to:
Name parts of yurt, understand vocabulary, describe places
Most of learners will be able to:
Understand specific vocabulary
Assessment criteria
Say topic words with clear pronunciation. Say expressions clearly
describe places and objects use adjectives in degrees
Language objective
Yurt , shanyrak uwyk a carcass
Values links
To keep ,to increase and to hand down traditions and friendship
between people
Cross-curricular links
Previous learning
Planned activities (replace the notes below with
your 9planned activities)
Good morning pupils! Who is on duty today? Who is
Teacher divides pupils in 2 groups with cards: “ Yurts’,
“ Homes”
L1 Task 1 Listen to and repeat attentively after
teacher : a bedroom, a dining room, bathroom, a living
room, a toilet, a study,
a round-shaped , a shanyrak , a kerege ,a uwyk
L 1 Task 2 Match the pictures with the words
Yurt is a round-shaped, it consists of three main parts
and many other smaller parts. Three main
parts include Shanyrak top of the Yurt, Kerege
walls carcass and Uwyk a carcass
part from Kerege to the Shanyrak.
Yurt usually does not have rooms in it, and it was a
common practice to have a separate
YuYrt as a bedroom, separate one as a kitchen,
guesthouse, etc as long as people could
afford that.
Task 2 Find out which of these adjectives in positive
degree, in comparative degree, in superlative degree
1 A building is bigger than yurt.
2. Yurt is smaller than a building.
3. A house is modern.
4. A living room is the most comfortable room in the
5.Yurt is the oldest house.
Descriptor: Learners find degrees of adjectives
W3 Task 4 Write things you remember from the texts
Yurt, kerege ,house ,shanurak .small ,beautiful ,modern
Bedroom, living-room ,comfortable
Descriptor: Pupils write names of rooms ,describe of
Answer the question “ How can be a modern house?”
Additional information
Differentiation how do you
plan to give more support?
How do you plan to
challenge the more able
Assessment how are you
planning to check learners’
Health and safety check
Differentiation can be
achieved through the selection
of activities, identification
olearning outcomes for a
certain student, provision of
individual support to learners,
selection of learning materials
and resources based on the
individual abilities of leaners
(Theory of Multiple
Intelligences by Gardner).
Use this section to record the
techniques that you will use to
assess what the learners have
learned during the lesson.
Health saving technologies.
Using physical exercises and
active activities.
Rules from the Safety Rules
book which can be applied in
this lesson.
Were the lesson
Did all the
learners achieve
the lesson
objectives? If not,
Did my planned
work well?
Did I stick to
Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most
relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson.