Презентация "3D pen" 8 класс

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3D pen :3 Price
  • 3Doodler – 3800 rub
  • MyRiwell RP100B – 2300 rub
  • MyRiwell RP400B – 3500 rub
  • MyRiwell RP800B – 3300 rub
  • Feizerg F001 – 4200 rub
  • Different models of pens have a different price.
3D pen is a tool for drawing with plastic, allowing to create 3D objects. With 3d-pen you can draw in the air. Thanks to the popularity of 3D pens there is a new kind of art - 3D pen art. The world's first 3D pen, called 3Doodler, was created by the American company WobbleWorks. Several kinds of plastic are used for work – ABS, PLA, EMT. Тhere are two types of handles "cold" and "hot" «Cold» 3d pen Plus +does not have hot elements +no wires Minus -expensive -fragile craft «Hot» 3d pen Plus +not heavy +not fragile crafts Minus -there are wires -heats up Thank you for watching