Презентация "Kurgan - bairam (Eid al-Adha)" 6 класс

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Theme : Kurban –bairam (Eid al-Adha) Подготовила: Саттарова З.М. учитель английского языка МБОУ ООШим.З.Биишевой с.Мраково Кугарчинского района РБ
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  • «Религиозный праздник»
  • • Презентация «Kurban –bairam (Eid al-Adha)»
  • • Предмет : английский язык
  • • Класс : 6 (УМК Spotlight, Ваулина Ю., Эванс В.), основная общеобразовательная школа
  • • Тема урока : «Let’s celebrate»
  • • Цель : использовать на уроке английского языка в качестве регионального компонента Республики Башкортостан, ознакомить учащихся с историей и традициями праздника.
Kurban –bairam (Eid al-Adha)
  • Islamic holiday of the end of the Hajj, celebrated 70 days after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, on the 10th day of the month of zul-Hajj in memory of the sacrifice of Ibrahim, who is considered a prophet in Islam. The exact date of the Gregorian calendar celebration may vary from country to country.
History of the Holy holiday
  • The history of the holiday takes its roots from the Koran, when the angel Jabrayil in a dream visited the prophet Ibrahim and gave the order of Allah to sacrifice his son. When everything was ready for sacrifice Allah rewarded Ibrahim - his knife was blunt and could not cut. For loyalty to God replaced the sacrifice of the son on the sheep.
How people celebrate Eid al-Adha
  • The day of the devout Muslim begins with the ritual ablution. People dress in clean festive clothes , then they read Takbir.
  • The prayer is read and sermon on the greatness of Allah and the prophet Muhammad, describes in detail the history of the Hajj and the ritual of sacrifice.At the end of the sermon, believers go to the cemetery to remember the departed and after the ritual of sacrifice begins.
  • After the sacrifice on Eid al-Adha happened, Muslims cut up the carcass in a special way and distribute treats.Feed and who are ashamed to beg, and who asks openly.No one is left without a gift on this Muslim holiday: the sacrificial meat is received by the poor and all those in need as an alms, and the best piece will be on the table and will be divided between the closest and friends.
  • In Bashkortostan the holiday is considered to be one of the biggest and sacred. It is an official holiday, people have a rest at this day in the Republic.