Презентация "Utopia" 9 класс

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  • legends, examples and ideas
Some words about birth of Utopia
  • Moore has the greatest value "Utopia" (published in 1516 by Dirk Martens) Of all the literary and political works. And this book has retained its importance for our time - not only as a talented romance, but also as brilliant in its conception product of socialist thought. Literary sources of "Utopia" - Plato ("State", "Critias, Timaeus), a novel-journey of the XVI century (in particular« Quattuor Navigationes »Amerigo Vespucci), and to some extent the product of Chaucer, Lenglenda and political ballads. From «Navigationes» Vespucci he took eyeballs "Utopia" (meeting with Gitlodeem his adventures). Mohr created the first coherent socialist system, although designed in the spirit of utopian socialism. Thomas More called his work "Golden book is as useful as it is amusing about the best structure of the state and the new island Utopia".
Interesting fact.
  • We know, that Tomas More learn different treatises of the philosophers how Aristotel, Platon or Homer. If you know their work, then we can havr a question, is the work is Mr. Mora or not?
  • Utopia is an island on the Antlantique ocean. He said, that it is ideal society and advanced technology. They have strong fleet and Trade Routes.
  • These facts nearly the same as the description of Atlantis in the Homeric poems.
  • Then some interesting moments in the structure of the cities.
We can see from this images, that location in the world and building
  • We can see from this images, that location in the world and building
  • virtually identical. And members about this islands too.
  • Can we assume that Atlantis and the city of the sun (Utopia) is the same place. Perhaps Mr. More has just added to one legend of his views on life at that time.
About Idea of Utopia
  • Here I would not say in so many words. Utopia - a perfect world for the time misterv Mora. Which is why it can not exist. Ideal for one and is ideal for another - are completely different things. I thing that More`s Utopia it is only land maybe even more brutal than the rest.
  • But if life is perfect, it is the pinnacle of life, its point. You have no more placein this world and your journey ends.
  • And In one text said, that before we have heaven, we must have hell in our earth lives.
Images about ideal world.
  • http://www.mirf.ru/Articles/art4005.htm
        • This you can see different variants of Utopia