Конспект урока "At the concert" 7 класс

Topic: At the concert
1. Increase interest in studying the subject, form skills of intellectual labour
2. Form the idea of students about the culture of Britain and America
3. Teach students to use the vocabulary on the topic, develop a monologue and a
dialogue, Present Perfect Passive Voice
4. Develop creative abilities of students, independence and their cognitive interest
5. Educate respect to another culture, a sense of belonging to a global culture, a sense of
6. Learn to analyze, summarize, use the information, evaluate and interpret information
and make conclusions
Equipment: tape recording, additional material
Lesson Plan
1. Greeting
2. Checking home assignment
3. Warming-up (the game played in teams)
Name 8 fruits, 8 sports that use a ball or balls,8 things that are often round, 8 things that
are often red, 8 colours, 8 European capital cities, 8 vegetables or herbs that can be
4. Reading the information about Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), nicknamed Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and
singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was born in a very poor family and was the
grandson of slaves. He spent his youth in poverty. Armstrong attended the Fisk School for
Boys. After dropping out of the Fisk School at age eleven, Louis joined a quartet of boys
who sang in the streets for money. In 1964 he recorded his biggest-selling record “Hello,
Dolly”. Armstrong died of a heart attack in his sleep on July 6, 1971, a month before his 70
5. Listening to the song “What a wonderful world” and filling in the gaps.
I see________ of green
Red ________ too
I see them _________ for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.
I see________ of blue
And _______ of white
The bright________ day
And the dark_________ night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.
The _______ of the rainbow
So pretty in the sky
Are also on the__________
On the people going by.
I see friends shaking __________
Saying, How do you do?”
They`re really saying
“I _______ you”
I hear_________ cry
I watch them grow.
They`ll__________much more
That you`ll ever know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself
What a wonderful world.
6. Let`s remember famous people. (Matching)
Is 58. The Queen
of pop music
selling the most
amount of
the vocalist of
took the 10
place in
Eurovision 2010.
an American
Ocean Elzy
has the
soundtrack for
married Maxim
the Ukrainian
Linkin Park
gave the first
concert at the age
of 5.
7. Grammar point.
Complete the sentences with the correct questions tag.
1. It is a really wonderful game, …?
2. The children went to the zoo last Sunday, …?
3. He was the best student at school, …?
4. They like vanilla ice-cream, …?
5. She doesn`t like listening to music, …?
6. Bill will come in time, …?
7. There are not any food in the fridge, …?
8. Your friend is cooking pizza, …?
9. Tongue twister
A big black bug bit a big black bear
A big black bear bit a big black bug
10. Making a conclusion
11. Giving marks, home assignment