Тест "Об этом пишут и говорят" 7 класс

Test 4
1. Электронная почта
2. Журнал
3. Забивать
4. Побить рекорд
5. Взволнованный
6. Заинтересованый
7. Удивленный
8. Озабоченный
9. Бродячий
10. Природа
2. Ask the questions. Use the Past Continuous.
1. Jack\read the newspaper\7o'clock.
2. Mary\watch TV\7 o'clock.
3. John\read book\7o'clock.
4. Sue\send emails\7o'clock.
3. Use the Past Simple and the Past Continuous.
We(to walk)down the street in the direction of Jim's house, when we ( to see) his wife in the
window of their house.
Kate ( to speak) with her friend when her mother (call) her.
I ( to wash) the dishes when my phone ( to ring).
When she ( to see) a snake, she ( to run) away.
You ( to read) a book hen your uncle ( to come).
John ( to play ) soccer in the sports centre at 6 o' clock yesterday.
Mary ( to recover) in hospital for three weeks.
Jessie ( to listen to music) when her father arrived.