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Презентация "Stray animals" 10 класс

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Presentation in English. Theme: Stray animals.
  • Егорова Яна
  • ученица 10-Б класса
  • МБОУ СОШ №82 г.Владивостока
  • Учитель: Байжанова Юлдузхон Тургунбаевна
Help homeless animals.
  • There are many homeless animals in our country, but we don’t pay attention to them. Walking through the streets, we see the poor cats and dogs that onсe they had their home and hosts.
These animals were thrown out of the house because of bad behavior or the owners got rid of them. But animals need love and affection too. Deserted animals can be aggressive because of distrust of the people, because they have been betrayed. Besides there are animals which were born in the street, they also deserve to live. Let’s help homeless animals.!!! Different countries have shelters. The owners organize donation. In such way they save homeless animals, but often they just fired them. In our country there are few people who help animals, but they are some. I think, if you don’t care of animals or you don’t need it, simply don’t get it. If you ‘ve bought it and you don’t know how to get rid of it, it’s better to advertise or give it to a shelter. It will be better for them. We must help homeless animals in various way. We may organize demonstrations, slogans put forward where people can see them. May be someone will think about the lives of our smaller brothers. Appealing!
  • You see how many animals need peoples’ care. That’s why, I call you to help them to find theirs owners and to organize shelter for homeless animals.
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