План-конспект открытого урока "The USA: Political Outlook" 7 класс

План-конспект открытого урока по теме «The USA: Political Outlook»
Политическое устройство США»)
в 7 «Б» классе 23 января 2015 г.
учителя английского языка Жестковой Марины Владимировны
Учебник: Афанасьева О.В. VI класс. Учеб. для общеобразоват. организаций и
шк. с углубл. изучением англ. яз. с прил. на электрон. носителе. В 2 ч. Ч.2/ О.В.
Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева. – М.: Просвещение, 2013. -176 с.
Тема урока: « The USA: Political Outlook »
Класс: 7
Продолжительность: 40 минут
Тип урока: урок закрепления активной лексики по теме «Политическое
устройство США» (комбинированный)
Цели урока:
учебные: первичное закрепление активной лексики по теме, тренировка
грамматического материала собенности перевода прямой речи в косвенную) и
тренировка его в речи;
воспитательная: привить уважение к обычаям других народов;
развивающая: развить внимание и память;
общеобразовательная: ознакомление учащихся с государственным
устройством и общественно-политической жизнью США.
Оснащение урока:
школьная доска,
электронные презентации,
раздаточный материал (индивидуальные карточки)
Языковой и речевой материал:
Активные ЛЕ – стр. 86-87 учебника
Лексические упражнения – стр. 88 учебника
Грамматические упражнения – стр. 85 учебника
Ход урока
Этап урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность ученика
(в мин.)
1. Организаци-
онный момент.
а) приветствие
Учитель приветствует учеников
(беседа в режиме T-Cl.):
- Good afternoon!
- I’m glad to see you! Take your
-How are you today? How are you,
- How do you like the weather
today? What is it like today?
What’s the temperature?
- Have you heard the forecast for
tomorrow? What will the weather
be on Saturday?
Ученики отвечают на
поставленные вопросы:
- Good afternoon, teacher!
- We are glad to see you,
- Im fine, thank you.
-It’s rather cold/frosty/
- They forecast frosty
weather for tomorrow. It
will be 15 degrees below
б) Сообщение
целей урока.
Let’s remember what we did at the
lesson yesterday.
- What topic did we start?
-What did we study?
Our today’s lesson will be
dedicated to these words. Let’s train
- The political system of
the USA.
-The new words.
2. Фонетичес-
кая зарядка
Look at the blackboard. Here you
can see the words that we studied
yesterday. Please, find and read:
-only nouns,
-only verbs,
-the words with the sound [v],
- the words with the sound [dʒ],
-the words with a long sound.
Ученики находят в
списке нужные слова и
читают вслух:
-a bill, a trunk, a
representative, a support,
a term, an amendment, a
decision, a court, a judge,
a citizen, a religion, a vice
president, slavery;
-to represent, to support,
to obey, to declare, to
vote, to judge, to
- a representative, to vote
a vice president, slavery;
- a judge, a religion;
- the Constitution, a court,
a support, a term, to
3. Работа с
Now Ive got some pictures for
you. Bit I want you not just to
watch and enjoy them but also
Ученики отвечают на
вопросы учителя:
answer my questions. You may use
the words on the blackboard if you
need (Следующие номера
соответствуют номерам слайдов
1. -What are these?
-What kind of a trunk can
you see in the first/the
second picture?
2. -What’s this?
-What kind of a bill is it?
-Can you name any other
kinds of bills?
3. -What’s this?
-What is the Press?
-Do you prefer reading
newspapers or magazines?
4. -Who are these men?
What’s their occupation?
-What does the first/the
second judge do? Where
does he work?
5. -Where are all these people?
-Is there a judge in it?
6. -What are all these people
-How are they voting?
-Are they voting at the
-How do people vote at the
7. -What is this?
-What is the Constitution?
8. Who are they?
Thank you for the work. It’s well
1. -These are trunks.
-It’s the trunk of a
tree/an elephant’s
2. -It’s a bill.
-It’s a restaurant
-There are
electricity bills,
hotel bills, etc.
3. -It’s the Press.
- It’s newspapers
and magazines.
-I prefer reading
4. -They are judges.
-He judges cases
in the court./He
judges football
matches, he’s a
sport judge.
5. -They are in the
-Yes, there is.
6. -They are voting.
-They are voting
by raising their
-No, they are not.
-At the election
people write on a
piece of paper.
7. -Its the
-The Constitution
is the highest law
in the country.
8. They are military
done. You are so smart today!
4. Проверка
1) Now let’s check the exercise
with these words that you did at
home. Open your books at page and
find ex. 11.
What was the task?
Dasha, read what you have.
2) Now I’m ready to listen to your
fluent reading of ex. 9 and 10.
3) While we’ll be doing it Ilya and
Ulyana will be working with
individual cards. The task is given
there, if you have any questions
about the task, ask me. Then I’ll
listen to you.
(См. Приложение 1, работа в
режиме T-P1, P2,...):
1)ученик представляет
выполненное домашнее
2) ученики выполняют
беглое чтение
3) проверка
5. Отработка
го явления.
I’ve got one more picture to show
-There are 5 statements here. Who
do they belong to?
-Look at them again. How do we
call such statements? What kind of
facts are they?
-Please, convert John’s sayings into
the indirect speech.
-The statements belong to
-They are facts, denoting
general truth.
Ученик переводит
предложения в
косвенную речь.
6. Объяснение
At home you will also work with
the indirect speech. Open your
books at page and find ex. 8. Find
the sentences with general truth and
circle their number.
What are they?
Write down your home task for
tomorrow: Ex.9, 10, p.86-87 learn.
Ex. 8, p.85 write.
They are №1,2,4,5,6,8,9.
ный этап
We have worked hard today. Thank
you greatly. Your marks for
The lesson is over. Good-bye.
Good-bye, teacher.
План-конспект открытого урока составила:
учитель английского языка
Жесткова М.В.
Приложение 1
Card 1
Fill in the gaps with the following words, one word is odd:
vote, bill, judge, support, amendment, citizen.
1. Have you paid the …?
2. He often acts as a … at our school sports competitions.
3. Have you heard about the new… to the Constitution?
4. When you come to live to a foreign country, it is not easy to become
a …
5. I’ll … for John Hopkins at the election. He is the best, I think.
Card 2
Fill in the gaps with the following words, one word is odd:
representative, vote, obey, bill, support, trunks,.
1. Persons under 18 can’t … for the President.
2. The forest looked not attractive: no leaves, only the grey of the
3. They need one … from each team to discuss the rules of the game.
4. Children should… their parents.
5. I’m having difficult times, I need your help and …