Конспект урока "Our health - our wealth" 5 класс

Урок английского языка "Our health - our wealth" ("Здоровье - наше
Педагог: Илугина Наталья Викторовна
Уровень образования: основное общее образование
Класс 5 (учебник О.В. Афанасьева И.В. Михеева, V)
Цель урока: Активизировать навыки использования лексических единиц по теме «Здоровье»,
стимулировать использование в речи учащихся пословиц, связанных с темой, совершенствовать
умения cтроить неподготовленные высказывания.
Задачи урока:
Воспитательные: формировать навыки бережного отношения к своему здоровью,
формировать стремление работать в коллективе.
Образовательные: развитие навыков работы с текстом, развитие умения письменно
высказываться по теме.
Развивающие: развитие умения концентрироваться при предъявлении материала с
наличием незнакомой лексики, закрепить умение наблюдать, сравнивать, анализировать.
Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, экран, карточки для парной и групповой работы.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент, ситуативная обусловленность темы.
Teacher: Dear children! Today I invite you to take part in our lesson connected
to the topic “Health”. All of us know how important to have good health, to be healthy. Do you
remember an English proverb which says:
An apple a day keeps (help me, please) Yes, that’s right ..keeps the doctor away. I’m sure all
of you try to go in for sport to be healthy and don't have bad habits.
II. Oсновная часть урока.
Повторение и активизация лексики. (Работа с карточками)
T: Let’s work in pairs: one pupil will make a compound with the word ache and the other - a
sentence: e.g.: Did your mother have a stomachache yesterday?
T: And now answer my questions:
1. Have you ever had a headache?
2. Have you ever had a toothache?
3. Have you ever had an earache?
Практика устной речи:
T: What should we do in order not to have a toothache?
Pupils: -we should clean our teeth;
-we shouldn’t eat too many sweets;-we should eat more vegetables and fruit;
-we shouldn’t keep pens and pencils in the mouth;
-we should consume vitamins.
T: What should we do in order not to have a headache?
P: -we should play sport games;
-we should walk outdoors ;
-we shouldn’t play computer games for more than 1hour a day;
-we should keep windows open twice a day;
-we shouldn’t read books in bed or when there isn’t enough light in the room.
T: What should we do in order not to have a stomachache?
P: -we should eat three times a day;
-we shouldn't live on snacks;
-we should eat healthy food;
-we should drink much water.
T: And now we’ll divide your group into two teams and check your memory. You shoud
remember proverbs about health. We have learnt many of them. (Команды зачитывают друг
другу по-очереди пословицы на русском языке и переводят их на английский):
1. Здоровье дороже богатства. (Health is better than wealth).
2. Голод-лучшая приправа. (Hunger is better than sauce).
3. Аппетит приходит во время еды. (The appetite comes with eating).
4. Кто рано встает, тому бог дает. (Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy
and wise).
5. Яблоко каждый день, и доктор не нужен. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away).
T: Thank you for being so active. Now look at the screen. You can see pictures of 3 vitamins.
Tell me what products are rich in vitamin A.
P: It’s a carrot and butter.
T: What products are rich in vitamin B ?
P: It’s rye-bread and potatoes.
T: What products are rich in vitamin C ?
P: Black currant, apples, lemons, onions.
(Соответствующие изображения с продуктами питания на экране.)
Физкультминутка: T: Well done, children. And we have the right to relax. Listen to me and do
what I say. Now stand up, hands high up, hands down, to the sides, ahead, down, up, to the sides,
ahead, close your eyes, open your eyes, move your eyes to the right, then to the left, move them
up, move them down, stand on tiptoe and stretch yourselves. Sit down.
Развитие умения письменно высказываться по теме:
T: Now, children, look at the blackboard and write down in your copy-books your own examples
with the following words and then read them E.g: Yesterday Ann was excited about her visit to a
-to be excited about
-to worry
-a sore throat
-to sneeze
-to fall ill
-to be seriously ill
-to examine
-to recover
Развитие навыков работы с текстом:
T: At home you did your task regarding your text about Ronald on p.59 ex. 22. Look at the
screen. There are pictures of some products. So tell Ronald’s mother what products are useful for
the boy and what food is not useful: carrots, eggs, ice-cream, honey, cold water, milk, oil, chips,
cheese, bread, vegetable, soup, chocolate, sweets, a creamy cake, apples, pears, raspberry, garlic.
Write them in two columns.
T: Put the points in a logical order due to the text (ex.25 p.61)
1. The doctor’s advice
2. The mother’s call to the doctor.
3. The weather on the football match day.
4. The doctor’s visit.
5. Ronald’s health at the end of the day.
III. Заключительная часть урока.
T: I am pleased with your work today. Now you know practically everything about keeping fit
and being healthy. Don’t forget: strong character is in strong body. Your homework will be as
- make up a dialogue about the doctor’s last visit when you were ill.
Thank you.
Окончание урока. Комментарии по работе обучающихся. Выставление оценок.