Конспект урока "Are they going to come home now?" 4 класс

The plan of the lesson
Class:4 Ә
Theme:”Are they going to come home now?”
Aims:*to enlarge pupils Vocabulary with the words plan,picnic,invitation,banner
*to study the construction “to be going to do smth.” in Interrogative questions
*to bring up students to know how to invite to the party and what they must have
Audio-Visual aids:CD,laptop,pictures,worksheets,posters
The Procedure of the lesson
Teacher`s Activity
Pupil`s Activity
I.The Organization moment
-Good afternoon,students!
Who`s on duty today?
Please,describe the weather.Who`s absent?
*And now students let`s show your mood and spirit.Please take
one smile happy one if you`re happy and stick it.
*Next, now students please stand in the circle,and take 1
-Good afternoon!
S1:I`m on duty today!Today is warm and
Students take smile and stick it on the poster.
E.g.:happy-if the`re happy
2 min
card.You have Kazakhish variant of the word,now ask each other
in chain the English variant.
*Please divide in groups by your colours of your cards.
Checking up the h/t:
*Students what is our h/t?
*Now any Volunteers?
*Today our theme is “Are they going to come home now?
-What do you do when you`re going to invite your friends?
-Do you agree with me that in summer we usually go outside
countryside and how we call it?
-Ok,right you are.
-When you want to invite some friends to party or your birthday
what do you send?
Sad-if the`re sad
Students stand in a circle and ask each other
English translation,or variant.
E.g.:S1:What is the English for алаша?
S2:It is rug……….. they work by this scheme.
Students look at their card`s colour and join in
their groups as green one,blue one,red
one,yellow one.
S1:AB p 86-87
S2:May I ………….?
Students open their exercise books and write
down the date and theme.
S5:I plan whom I invite to my party.
S:It is picnic,cause in spring and summer we can
go there.
S8:Invitation,шақыру.Usually we take invitation
cards when inviting to weddings.
5 min
5 min
10 min
-And in some holidays we have some posters under window
shops ,I think it`ll be difficult for you to catch.It`s banner.
Now,please repeat after me these our new words and write it in
your Vocabulary exercise books.
And how do you say in English “Сен бүгін не істейсің?” and
the teacher write Interrogative form of “to be going to do smth.”
*Students,read the clues and do the crossword in these
worksheets,which team will be quicker that win,and the teacher
will give you smiles.
*Next task is write is or are and match.Ask each other questions
and answer.Which team is quicker here,let`s check.
Students write these new words I their
Vocabulary exercise-books
Stufdents write it in their exercise books
?Am I going to see my friends again?
+Yes,I am. No,I`m not
Is(he,she,it)going to fly home?
+Yes,he is -No,he isn`t
Are(you,we,they)going to go by train?
+Yes,the are. No,we aren`t
Ex 1 p 88(AB)
Students read the clues and dom the crossword in
their worksheets ,than who is quicker write it in
Ex 2 p 88
Also students do it in worksheets ,they write is
or are and match.
10 min
10 min
10 min
3 min
*Then students let`s do ex 2 p 91 PB-the task is write Yes or No
for you.Then ask and answer.Please open your books on p 91 and
E.g.T:Are you going to watch TV this evening?
Students now,let`s do next exercise here is the task is look and
write questions and answers,use going to.Which team is quicker
raise your hands.
Students evaluate each other by traffic light.
They take stickers and write their opinion ,offers and stick their
mood after the lesson.
Giving up the h/t:AB p 88-89
E.g.:Are they going to go on holiday?(c)-
Yes,they are
team ask--------2
team answer
team say
By following scheme students work,but now
team answer--------2
team ask
team say
S:No,I`m not.I`m going to read a book.
Students take worksheets and do this task.As in
the example:Are they going to have a
picnic?Yes,they are.
They have 3 colours and they choose,evaluate
and prove it.
Students take stick papers and write their
advices,opinion and also stick their smiles to
show their mood.
2 min
2 min