Технологическая карта урока "Sports. Chant" 3 класс

Main part
15 min
Look and read.
Pupils look at the pictures and describe what
they see. Ask them to read the text, paying
special attention to the words and and but.
Explain the meanings and what they are
used for.
Listen and correct the sentences.
Play CD 2:42. Pupils listen to the sentences
Our Discovery Island.
Grade 3
LESSON:4 lesson
School: Murager
Teacher’s name: Abenova Botakoz
Abenova Botakoz
Number present:
Lesson objectives
Previous learning
Planned timings
Planned activities (replace the notes below with your
planned activities)
5 min
Activity 1
Organization moment
Activity 2
Starting the lesson.
Review animals by miming some for pupils to guess.
Using mime or pictures, teach dolphin and monkey.
Review parts of the body and talk with pupils about
animals’ appearance. Ask Has a monkey got (a long
tail)? Then ask about what different animals on the
board and pupils describe its appearance and say
what it can do.
Our Discovery Island.
Grade 3
about the text in Activity 9. Play the
sentences again, pausing after each one.
Pupils correct them.
Listen and say.
Ask pupils to say any tongue twisters they
Pupils read the new tongue twister and look
at the pink letters. Ask if all the pink letters.
Ask if all the pink letters make the same
sound or different sounds
Internet materials
Play the game.
Divide the class into pairs. Pupils cut out
mini cards on p 83. And put them face down
on their table.
They take turns to choose one, put it face up
and ask Can you…? Pupil B answers Yes, I
can. / No, I can’t.
Listen and tick
Pupils look at the monkey doing different
activities. Play CD 2:44. Pupils listen and
put a tick or a cross in the boxes. Play again
to check answers.
Teacher’s book
5 min
Ending of the lesson!
Sing the song in Lesson # CD 2:40.
Home work: Retelling the text. Ex: 5,6
T: The lesson is over good bye!
Internet materials
Teacher’s book